Author: Tom Seymour

Daniel Stier’s Weird Science

Fascinated by the strange environments typical of pure scientific research, Daniel Stier set about investigating the idea of the experiment as an art form. “I am interested in the experiment, the idea of work that people do without any clear outcome. This constant loop of doing something, maybe failing and then starting again. That is exactly what we do as artists,” he tells BJP.


William Christenberry’s evocation of the American South in new New York exhibition

During pilgrimages to his native Hale County, Alabama, William Christenberry has recorded the changing appearance of the region’s natural landscape and vernacular architecture in diverse formats and media since the early 1960s. The work is shown for the first time at New York’s Pace/MacGill Gallery, in an about to launch exhibition.


Photographing Sicily’s Modern Mafia

What’s the genesis of this project? Why were you compelled to see this project through? I started to work on Terra Nostra in 2009 in an effort to voice both my need to reconnect to my homeland and to show the degree of decay caused by the pervasive influence of Cosa Nostra on the island. I knew since the beginning that this story would have been a long-term commitment and after seven years I felt I didn’t want to risk repeating myself after having explored a good deal of aspects related to the theme of my project. Sometimes you just need to complete a project and bring it to a positive and good end in order to work on the next thing. How have the mafia impacted on your life? To some degree the Mafia’s presence in Sicily impacts everyone, even the ones that live in denial and don’t want to admit it. Hollywood has shown and glamourised only the mere violent aspect of Cosa Nostra, but everyone’s life is routinely affected when the coasts of …


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