Author: Tom Seymour

Around Ai Weiwei Photographs 1983 – 2016 at Camera Turin

Around Ai Weiwei, a new exhibition at Turin’s Camera gallery, highlights the various stages of the artistic career of Ai Weiwei, investigating not only his artistic works from his debut right up to the present day, but also his role in the cultural, social and political debate, both in China and throughout the world, exploring the genesis of Ai Weiwei as an icon of the Asiatic world.


M Scott Brauer’s Behind the Scenes on the US Election Campaign Trail

M Scott Brauer had the same access as any other photographer on the campaign trail of the US election, but, for his new series This is the worst party I’ve ever been to, he decided to “stepping away from the designated photo opps and subvert what was being shown, to look behind, deeper into, or next to the main event.”


Max Pinckers – Japanese Tourist

In the West, Japan is like a fantasy. A strange, isolated culture of almost perfect self-preservation, we imagine suited Yakuza, manicured raw fish, a blubbery sumo, bonsai trees, samurai swords, wasted bankers, Geishas, karaoke. When Max Pinckers arrived in Japan, via a commission from the Belgium-based cultural project European Eyes on Japan, he couldn’t find much of the Japan he’d come to imagine.


BJP Staff