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IPA judge Michael Mack on the Permanence of the Photobook

It’s a career that probably makes him the most important independent photobook publisher in the world right now – certainly when it comes to new work. Mack’s First Book Award is among the most coveted photography award any emerging artist can bag, for the winner not only has a premium photobook published of their work, but an exhibition at Media Space in London’s Science Museum. Past winners include Anne Sophie Merryman (2012), Paul Salveson (2013) and Joanna Piotrowska (2014). Mack has a history of awarding series that work primarily in print; not hung on a wall, or shining from the screen of an iPad, but bound in ink and paper. This is an integral concern to Mack who, after a few years of spending a lot of time, resource and money on digital publishing, has returned to his core strategy – publishing photographs in books. But a Luddite he is not. A former lawyer who was cold-called one afternoon by Gerhard Steidl and ended up becoming the publishing giants’ Editorial Director, Mack is a gilt-edged businessman. There’s a temptation …



Call for entries – Jerwood Photoworks Awards 2016

Launched in 2014, the awards are presented every two years, the awards are open to all art practitioners based in the UK and within ten years of establishing their photographic careers. Three Awards of £5000 each will be awarded to support the production of new work and a group exhibition in London as part of the Jerwood Visual Art programme at Jerwood Space with a subsequent UK tour. Alongside this, a mentoring programme will support the three artists for twelve months after selection. The confirmed mentors include photographers Rut Blees Luxemburg, Mitch Epstein, Mark Power; curator Fariba Farshad; writer and art advisor Francis Hodgson; publisher Michael Mack and gallerist Maureen Paley. The previous winners of the first Jerwood/Photoworks Awards were Joanna Piotrowska, Matthew Finn and Tereza Zelenkova, who all produced black-and-white works in distinctly diverse and radical new ways. The selection panel for this year will include Celia Davies, director of Photoworks; Sarah Williams, Jerwood Visual Arts; photographers Anna Fox and Ori Gersht; and writer and artist Mark Durden. “We’re looking for well thought-out proposals that use, …



IPA 2017: Introducing Hannah Watson, director of TJ Boulting, who will host the winner’s exhibition


This year marks the 11th edition of British Journal of Photography’s International Photography Award. It is a commendation that has established itself as one of the key showcases of emerging photographic talent, offering a three-week solo exhibition at the renowned TJ Boulting gallery in the heart of London, as one of its prizes. This year, there will be just one award for the best photography series. The winner will also receive a £5000 production grant from leading print lab Metro Imaging, a three week home page residency on the WeTransfer website, offering a fantastic opportunity of worldwide exposure; and, their work will be published across all BJP print and digital platforms. Hannah Watson, the director of TJ Boulting and Trolley Books, an independent photography and contemporary art book publisher, which marks its 15 year anniversary this year, will once again be one of our judges on IPA’s prestigious judging panel. Watson has worked with some notable names in the photography world, including Alixandra Fazzina, Robin Maddock, Nina Berman and Stanley Greene, but is also known …



Be Part of Portrait of Britain

The exhibition is also available in a limited-edition print sale. So, in this most public of art exhibitions, if you like something you see, you can buy a part of it for yourself. The BJP team envisaged an exhibition by the people, of the people and for the people. In our new portraiture issue, on shelves now, we reveal the selected images which, for the month of September, will be seen up and down the country. “The exhibition is about celebrating the diversity and the unique heritage of Britain and hopefully by doing so adding some nuance to the very divisive debate following Brexit,” BJP‘s editorial director Simon Bainbridge tells TIME. “The portraits say we aren’t easily categorized by class or race or age or region,” says Bainbridge. “Once you are confronted with a person, you have to engage with them as an individual and not as stereotype or a grouping. That’s something photography does very easily, it disrupts your prejudice or your usual thoughts about people outside your own bubble.” We’ve now launched a …



Dieter De Lathauwer Wins Unseen Dummy Award

The Dummy, I Loved My Wife (killing children is good for the economy), by the Belgium artist Dieter De Lathauwer, will be published and presented during Unseen Photo Fair 2017. Dieter notes that his book “highlights one of the darkest sides of the previous century in Europe, which was and still remains under-exposed.” This year’s jury members, Paul van Mameren (Managing Director, Lecturis), Irma Boom (graphic designer), Sean O’Hagan (journalist, The Guardian) and Francesco Zanot (Chief Curator, Camera Centro Italiano per la Fotografia’s), said: “The combination of found photographs, stills from propaganda films from the German authorities, and Lathauwer’s own evocative images made for a powerful and unsettling narrative. “The subject concerns the psychiatric state hospitals where thousands of people were killed over two years in Austria, because they were Jews, gays or immigrants. His photographs of the locations merge with the found material to create a sustained mood that suggests the horror without depicting directly. “It is an accomplished photo book about a very dark subject matter that, to this day, remains relatively unknown.” …



Kenyan artist Elspeth Diederix receives Meijburg Art Commission at Unseen

Talented, up-and-coming artists competed for the Meijburg Art Commission by submitting a proposal for a unique artwork with a focus on photography. After being nominated, five artists developed their proposals for a site-specific commission. These were then presented to an international jury, which included Wilbert Kannekens (Chairman Managing Board, Meijburg & Co), Genevieve Fussel (Senior Photo Editor, The New Yorker) and Unseen’s 2016 campaign artists, Christto & Andrew. Besides Elspeth Diederix, the nominees for this year’s Meijburg Art Commission are: Awoiska van der Molen (1972, NL); Mandy Barker (1964, UK); Motohiro Takeda (1982, JP); and Yoko Ikeda (1965, JP). The jury report says: “We were taken by the understated complexity of her images. Upon first glance, they are striking photographs of flowers. Upon a closer look, however, the viewer realizes that the work has great depth. “Elspeth is constructing environments, manipulating reality by creating flowers that don’t actually exist. Her work requires you to think a bit more, to wonder what is going on, what has she done to create the image? Her work reminds …


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