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GB. ENGLAND. Bradford. Market Tavern. 1976.

Chris Steele-Perkins’ Teds gets new release for first time in 40 years

Teds, a series of photographs by Chris Steele-Perkins, will be exhibited in the UK for the first time in nearly 40 years at Magnum Print Room, London. Steele-Perkins’ series documenting the uniquely British youth culture of the Teds will be shown alongside eight previously unseen photographs from his archive, and a platinum print of the cover image from his landmark book, The Teds. The exhibition will coincide with the launch of a new, re-designed version of this book by Dewi Lewis, first published in 1979.


Howard, from the Nottingham Pagan Network © Jack Pidduck

Divination: the modern-day Pagan

Jack Pidduck recalls a particular holiday with his parents, driving along a mountain road in north Wales, overlooking a deep valley below. He remembers how the light caught the slopes and bounced off the folds. They pulled over on a lay-by to look out over the blanket of clouds and watch the gleaming tufts shift. “I asked my mother if I could borrow her 8-megapixel point-and-shoot to snap a few pictures – it was an amazing camera at the time. I was so proud of how they came out. I remember loving the feeling of seeing something beautiful and being able to capture it and share it with others. I spent the rest of the holiday taking photographs and haven’t really put a camera down since.” He was 14 at the time and remembers the moment vividly – the way the camera felt in his hands, its ability to capture a moment in time. Now 22, the Nottingham Trent University graduate has shown his final-year project, Divination, in the Nottingham Trent graduate portfolio exhibit, Emerge, which formed part …



Guido Harari’s portraits of Kate Bush document their ten-year collaboration

An upcoming exhibition at Project Space, Bermondsey showcases the images of Guido Harari over a ten year period as Kate Bush’s official photographer. The collection, which is taken from Harari’s book The Kate Inside, includes Polaroids, contact sheets, personal notes and out-takes from studio shoots alongside observations and reminiscences by the photographer. It’s foreword is written by Bush’s creative collaborator and artistic mentor, Lindsay Kemp, who is responsible for the initial introduction between Bush & Harari. BJP sat down with the Italian photographer to discuss a collection which sought to detail the personality of this complex icon.


21. Rosamund Macfarlane, Snow hare

51st Wildlife Photographer of the Year at the National Museum of Scotland

The Wildlife Photographer Of The Year launched in 1965, and today, receives almost 50,000 entries from 95 countries. The fifty-first edition of the exhibition will feature 100 images showcasing animal behaviour and captivating landscapes, providing images of the natural world from perspectives that haven’t been explored before. Dr. Nick Fraser, keeper of natural sciences at National Museums Scotland, says, “This exhibition presents thought-provoking new ways of seeing the world through the lens of photographers across the world. These extraordinary images are certain to evoke a response and will resonate with our audiences.” One of the locations of the exhibition is the National Museum of Scotland, the only Scottish venue, where the exhibition will be open starting Friday, September 16th, until February 19th, 2017. Find out more about the exhibition here.


Orange Juice (on moped)

5 Photographers To Keep An Eye On At St. Andrews’ Photography Festival

While St. Andrews is known to be university of top-notch academics and a home to golf, it also holds an exquisite history of photography. In fact, Scotland has produced a large number of photographers, who’s work has transcended international borders. This autumn, the university is hosting their first annual, six-week long photography festival, which will celebrate the local heritage and its legacy in Scottish photography. Starting August 1st, 19 different exhibitions will display images across the history of photography; ranging from rare historic images, to contemporary snapshots. All work will be displayed in local and unusual venues. According to BJP, here are the five exhibitions you can’t miss: Alicia Bruce Paintings and sculptures, which can be found in Scottish collections, are reinterpreted through Alicia Bruce’s lens. The award-winning photographer’s ongoing and controversial project, Meine: TRUMPED, captures the destruction of the Menie-estate landscapes, following Trump International’s announcement of the Trump Resort. Bruce collaborated with locals living on the Aberdeenshire coast (where Menie is located), to create a series of landscape photography that documents the transitions of the area into …



The Forgotten Photographs of Some of Britain’s Best Conceptual Artists

Tony Morgan left London at the age of 22 to embark on a month-long walk to Rome, a walk which he later referred to as his “first performance”. The most famous of these, The Book of Exercises, 1971, will be exhibited for the first time in its entirety: encompassing 49 pages of typewritten text and 21 black and white photographs. The photography book attempts a “taxonomy of activities”, recounting Morgan’s engagement with the community he found on the way. The photographer John Blake, like Morgan, used the landscape and his movement within it to explore ideas on perspective. His series Untitled (M Panorama) 1968/69, a pair of photographic panoramas, takes as its subject the Vale of the White Horse in Uffington, Oxfordshire, which changes size and shape as Blake changes his own vantage point on the site. Blake begins to more literally change physical shape with the 11- part work Skin II (1969/70), where we see folds of flesh being pinched and pulled in large- format photos that exaggerate his proportions. Exhibited at the Victoria …


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