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Demolition: What lies behind the walls of the Brutalist landmark estate

For some, it is an iconic example of 1970s Brutalist architecture; for others, a big, ugly eyesore. “Whatever they think, there’s a huge sense of community here,” says photographer Kois Miah of Robin Hood Gardens, a housing estate comprised of two blocks containing 213 flats, soon to be demolished and replaced by a new build. In light of this, and because of the sheer volume of tenants that will have to be relocated – some against their will from the only home they have every known – local Miah and his friend and partner Nick Thoburn, together with the support of the campaign group SPLASH (South Poplar & Limehouse Action for Secure Housing) visited the affected families, and immortalised some of their last moments in the apartments in intimate portraits. “There has been a lot of talk about the Brutalist architecture, but I thought it might be quite interesting to get the residents’ perspective on living on that estate,” says Miah. “The thing about this project is that it’s really intimate – people invite you into their …


Apertura Madrid Gallery Weekend launches in the Spanish capital

Organised by Arte Madrid, each year the cultural event brings together curators, collectors and emerging artists from across the world to celebrate the art and culture of the Spanish capital – affirming its status as one of the epicentres of the contemporary art world. Showcasing the work of over 60 artists, the latest edition sees 43 galleries simultaneously open their doors to the public, offering extensive activities, events and exhibitions with the aim to “bring contemporary creation to the people and to raise the profile of Madrid art’s scene”. As part of the event, Blanca Berlín Gallery will present past work from visual artist Juan Manuel Castro Prieto, who uses photography as a means to highlight a reality hidden behind the apparent logic of everyday life. “Juan Manuel Castro Prieto is a virtuoso of photography, the images he captures are simple, unpretentious and unsuperfluous,” explains Blanca Berlín, “he is one of the most important photographers of the Spanish art scene, and thus has to be recognised.” The exhibition, entitled Luz de cuarto oscuro, recognises the …



Images of the Feminist avant-garde in the 1970s shine a light on an artistic movement too long overlooked

October sees the launch of Feminist Avant-Garde of the 1970s, a 12-week exhibition at The Photographer’s Gallery in Central London. BJP sat down with curators Gabriele Schor and Anna Dannemann to discuss a collection that celebrates seeks to challenge ‘accepted social conventions, including the mechanisms and male dominance of the art industry.’


Nan Goldin - Boy c. James Lingwood

Nan Goldin Displays New Work Inside Reading Prison

In Goldin’s section of the exhibition, visitors must peer through a peephole to glimpse the scenes of passion projected inside, like the voyeuristic warder in Genet’s film. Goldin shows sequences from an early hand-tinted film of Salomé, one of Oscar Wilde’s greatest plays, which received its premiere in Paris whilst he was in Reading Gaol. Goldin bypasses the court politics of the play to reveal her own fascination with Salomé’s dance – and her famous revenge against the saint who condemns her sexuality in the name of religion. Two more videos feature a young boy in Kiev talking about the dangers of being gay there today, and a 91-year old man convicted of the same offence as Wilde. The most personal of Goldin’s works is called The Boy. A cell is plastered with photographs of the German actor Clemens Schick, a muse to Goldin for over two decades and as aware of the power of his alluring beauty as Bosie had been of his hold over Wilde. Goldin’s work is part of Inside – Artists and …


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