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Photographer Mark Neville explores childhood play after commission by The Foundling Museum

As identified by the UN in the 2013 General Comment on Article 31 – the Convention on the Rights of the Child – a child has a universal human right to play. A new exhibition of photographs, as well as a symposium and photobook, by photographer Mark Neville, aims to generate debate around the complex nature of child’s play, and to advocate for improved provision for this universal right.



How Peter Lindbergh’s new realism defined 90s fashion photography

A recent release brings together over 400 images by the German photographer Peter Lindbergh. Drawn from his work in fashion, culture and urban environments, the book’s release coincides with a major retrospective in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. Here BJP investigates a collection curated by Thierry-Maxime Lorio which seeks to posit Lindbergh as the progenitor of a ’different vision on fashion photography’.



New London Photography Show calls into question the Colonial Gaze

“We today can do everything, so long as we do not imitate Europe, so long as we are not obsessed by the desire to catch up with Europe.” These are the chilling and controversial words of Frantz Fanon on the latent Eurocentrism implicit to the ethos and order of our past and present society. These are also the themes explored in Decolonial Desire, the new exhibition on show at London’s Autograph ABP from multimedia artist Vasco Araújo, under the auspices of gallery director Mark Sealy. Araújo’s multidisciplinary works – encompassing photography, video, sculpture and archive imagery – explore how the trauma of the colonial encounter continues to haunt the modern world. In the exhibition, Araújo intends to generate difficult conversations and to shed light on the uncomfortable colonial history of his homeland, Portugal. Originally at the forefront of colonialisation, the country played a leading role in the discovery of the Americas, and consolidated its holdings as part of the ‘Scramble for Africa’ during the 19th Century. “It’s really important for us to discuss how history …


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