Eric Garner

As Eric Garner choked to death on a street in New York, his friend Ramsey Orta took out his camera phone. Now in jail on drug charges, Orta's simple act of documentary sparked global protests. Ciaran Thapar reports.

Tim Matsui's The Long Night remind us that sex trafficking doesn't purely exist on the fringes of society. After winning World Press Photo's best feature documentary, Matsui talks to Guy Bolton

From Last Stop (c) George Georgiou

George Georgiou's Last Stop, a new photobook that captures London and its suburban fringes as it's rarely seen, launches Sunday night at Offspring Photo Meet

Deer sheltering under a tree in the park

Chris Steele-Perkins’ exploration of life in an aristocratic country estate shows the oldest type of British culture trying to cope with the new. Ciaran Thapar reports.

My cousin accepted to be portrayed while fornicating with a girl in his friend's car. For them it was not strange.

La Ville Noire was dramatically booted out of World Press but Giovanni Troilo has now been offered several exhibitions

A Lars Boering, managing director of World Press Photo © Marieke van der Velden

"Be nice" urges World Press Photo MD Lars Boering as the organisation withdraws Giovanni Troilo's images

Carlo Bavagnoli, Biafra, c.1968

"Images can dehumanise us. They can make it easier to kill people,” says Mark Sealy, curator of Human Rights Human Wrongs, currently on exhibit at The Photographers' Gallery

VIDEO: Watch how George Georgiou made Last Stop, his study of London's streets from the serendipitous perspective of the buses he rode as a teenager

From the series What remains (c) Sarker Protick

“By default a photograph stores the past, but it also has the ability to project itself in the future." Sarker Protick on his photo essay recognised by World Press Photo today

"We ended up back at Alex’s apartment, they did their thing, and I was a witness." Mads Nissen recounts how the Best News Photo of the year was created