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By Photographers for Photographers, described as "the best platform of its kind" by industry leaders.

Pixelrights is a new UK home grown company, that provides its members with simple to use, stand alone portfolio websites, with added image protection like you have never seen before!

A brand new patented digital image format help’s to protect your images, above and beyond the tradition right click block, our websites also provide outstanding SEO ranking results, and of course beautifully designed layouts. Pixelrights has taken the traditional spaghetti mess of website builders and thrown it in the bin. Then started again from scratch, at all times remembering we are building this for photographers, not web developers. Our members love the simplicity and visual approach to using Pixelrights, leaving them feeling confident to change and update their websites as and when they feel like doing so, a refreshing change.

Pixelrights Co-founder and former AFP photographer Shaun Curry  says "Photographers are the people who produce the raw product, the talent that invests the time and money into finding that photo, yet increasingly so, over the last 15 years are the ones who get the least reward for their talents."

"Pixelrights is here to change all that, and we represent the beginning of a new time for photographers-the creators. We will ensure our members receive the most innovative opportunities, to build their websites, generate new revenue streams from their talents, and run their businesses successfully - its time for a change”.

Pixelrights are here to re-empower photographers everywhere – come join us and help us to make that change.
020 8123 8200
Plastic Sandwich
Plastic Sandwich has been putting together portfolios for photographers and art directors since the early 1970s. We have an unparalleled experience in the field of image presentation in its various forms over the last 40 years.

Plastic Sandwich's services are also utilised by companies such as event and PR organisations, film companies, high-end presenters, and anyone whose activities or craft are best shown through the presentation of images.

Our leather books, sleeves etc. are all custom made in house to any size or format.   If help is needed, we are always available to discuss our client's requirements in planning a portfolio.  Normal service is a week to 10 days but we will always meet a deadline.

Twitter: @PlasticSandwich
020 7431 3211

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