Members of St. Paul’s Church embrace at a seaside Maafa ceremony in Queens, in observance of the those who died during the Middle Passage and in slavery in the United States. 2004 © James Estrin / The New York Times

Observance, an exhibition by The New York Times’ James Estrin

Olivier Laurent - 3 January 2014

James Estrin is best known in photography circles for his work on Lens, a photography blog at The New York Times. But the editor is also a senior staff photographer, and next week, for the first time in 20 years, he will be showing his own work – a project called Observance

From the series Destination Eternity © Eugenia Maximova

Eugenia Maximova’s Destination Eternity

Gemma Padley - 6 November 2013

Last month we featured Eugenia Maximova’s kitsch table-top still lifes. Now we feature an earlier portrait series – her images of ornately decorated gravestones in the cemeteries of former Soviet territories

IMG_6447 kopieren

Hahn + Hartung’s The Forgotten

Olivier Laurent - 30 October 2013

Photography duo Hahn + Hartung challenge Africa’s stereotypes in The Forgotten, a body of work that documents Kenya’s middle class

From the series Someone Else © Chloë Ellingson

Chloë Ellingson’s Someone Else

Gemma Padley - 26 September 2013

With her project Someone Else, Toronto-based photographer Chloë Ellingson documents the life of a young mother, focusing on "the intersection of family and the sense of self" in an attempt to address her own feelings about parenthood. She speaks to Gemma Padley

From the series Landscape of Murder © Antonio Olmos

Antonio Olmos: The Landscape of Murder

Olivier Laurent - 15 September 2013

Contemplative and poignant images of murder sites in and around London ask us to reflect upon how we live. Photojournalist Antonio Olmos speaks to BJP

From the series Somewhere Else © Sadaf Chezari

Sadaf Chezari offers a personal look at migration and belonging

Olivier Laurent - 15 September 2013

In Somewhere Else, Sadaf Chezari explores her personal experiences of migration, and the notion of belonging, through images taken in and around her family home in Tehran and in England

From the series Coming Soon © Natan Dvir

Natan Dvir’s Coming Soon

Gemma Padley - 1 September 2013

In his ongoing series Coming Soon, Natan Dvir explores the issues of spectatorship and our relationship with advertising by photographing billboards in New York city

From the series Mum © Nancy Newberry

Nancy Newberry’s Halfway to Midland

Gemma Padley - 1 September 2013

The mum – a symbolic object unique to young Texans – becomes a symbol of idolatry in Nancy Newberry’s portrait series


Changing Time: How LightBox has renewed Time’s commitment to photography

Olivier Laurent - 31 July 2013

Launched in 2011, Time’s LightBox has quickly established itself as one of the world’s best photography websites, but it has also dramatically altered the way Time Magazine uses and presents images online. BJP speaks with director of photography Kira Pollack


French court bans Yan Morvan’s latest photobook

Olivier Laurent - 26 July 2013

A French court has ordered photographer Yan Morvan to withdraw his photobook Gangs Story from bookstores and to pay a €5000 fine after it found that he had breached one of his subjects' right to control his own image