“Instagram has changed the way people see the world,” claims co-founder Kevin Systrom

Olivier Laurent - 7 October 2013

"Instagram has changed the way people see the world," says co-founder Kevin Systrom. He discusses the social site's original purpose and how it turned into "a common element of life" used by everyone, including professional photographers


Instagram to start rolling out ads in the US

Olivier Laurent - 7 October 2013

Instagram, the photo-sharing social website that just turned three, will start showing ads in its US users' feeds, less than a year after it had to backtrack on new advertising terms of service


Photography organisations rally against Instagram’s terms of use

Olivier Laurent - 23 August 2013

Photography organisations in the US and Europe have united to campaign against Instagram's terms of use, which, they argue, are too far reaching and unfair to users


Beyond Instagram: Should photographers accept the risks inherent in social networks?

Olivier Laurent - 28 January 2013

Have photographers become complacent with their only commodity in order to expand their community of followers? Olivier Laurent delves into the Instagram controversy surrounding loss of copyright ownership and asks if the benefits of building an audience are worth the risks in the long run

Image © Matt Eich

The New Economics of Photojournalism: The rise of Instagram

Olivier Laurent - 3 September 2012

Instagram has enjoyed unprecedented success, with more than 80 million users who now include some of the world's most renowned photojournalists. Olivier Laurent speaks with them about how Instagram is shaping the photographic industry