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Lucas Foglia’s cool look at the Anthropocene

Born in 1983 in the United States, Lucas Foglia grew up on a small farm some 30 miles east of New York city. His family grew their own food and lived a life away from the bustle of shopping centres and the surrounding suburbs. “The forest that bordered the farm was my childhood wilderness,” he says. “It was a wild place to play that was ignored by our neighbours, who commuted to Manhattan.” But in 2012 Hurricane Sandy charged through his family’s fields, flooding the farm and blowing down the oldest trees in the woods. “On the news, scientists linked the storm to climate change caused by human activity,” Foglia recalls. “I realised that if humans are changing the weather then there is no place on earth unaltered by people. I looked through my archive and set aside some photographs that became the seeds for my third book.”


Sian Davey’s intimate portraits of her daughters

A psychotherapist for 15 years, Sian Davey switched careers to photography in 2014 and has made a success of it – she’s now represented by Michael Hoppen Gallery, for example, and her book Looking for Alice was nominated for the Aperture Best Book Award at Paris Photo 2016, and the Kraszna-Krausz Foundation Book Awards 2017.


Michael Hoppen’s gallery goes online

One of the few London galleries solely dedicated to photography, Michael Hoppen Gallery has been at the cutting edge of photographic print sales in the UK since it opened in 1992. Its list of international artists is eclectic and diverse, representing the old and the young, the incredibly famous and the lesser known, and it accommodating a wide range of tastes and genres for prospective collectors. But now, in an attempt to make print sales more accessible and diversify its audience still further, the gallery has launched an online venture which will allow visitors to buy prints at a range of affordable prices. “The online shop will allow us to not only showcase new and emerging talent, that otherwise might not have made its way into the main gallery space, but will also aim to expose some fascinating projects and one off pieces from within the collection,” says Hoppen. “I think our programme of online shows will have something for everyone.” Each artist will be highlighted with an ‘online exhibition’, which will remain on the …


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