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From Denudate 2015 © Neola Loretta McDavid

The female derobed: Neola McDavid’s untainted nudes

“Trust is very important when you ask someone to take their clothes off so you can photograph them nude,” says Neola Loretta McDavid, who will soon graduate from the University of Roehampton with a BA Honours in Photography. “Your subjects need to have confidence in you as a photographer, and they need to feel comfortable in themselves.” McDavid’s series of nude portraits, Denudate 2015, exudes strength – stripped back, it presents women in a state of undress, stoic in their own personal space, the only props being the intimate objects in their homes. Her series, like the meaning of the title itself, bares all – it strips women of the labels imposed upon them by society and returns them to their natural state, as “supreme beings” – equal to men, neither subordinate nor superior. “The women in my portraits signify empowerment. They are not obstructed by the mores of society or media in the way that influences how women are portrayed today. The women aren’t sexualised, nor are their poses meant to be suggestive. I’m not using the female …


Nikon announces D750 ‘powerhouse’

Nikon has today launched its latest DSLR camera – the D750 – billed as its “ultimate enthusiast camera”, which will sit at the upper end of its DSLR range. The full-frame 24.3-megapixel camera comes with a newly designed FX-format CMOS sensor and has an ISO sensitivity range of 100–12800, extendable to 50–51200 (equivalent). Nikon claims the new camera will deliver “exceptional image quality with cleaner results than ever before at high ISOs.” The camera features a newly developed professional Multi-CAM 3500II FX 51-point AF system, sensitive to -3 EV, allowing users the flexibility to capture fast-moving subjects with ease. In addition, the new Group Area AF mode offers “fast acquisition and improved background isolation”, says Nikon, especially useful when shooting subjects that are comparatively small and close to a high-contrast or distracting background. With improved picture control, the D750, which comes with in-built wifi, has a burst rate of up to 6.5fps in both FX and DX formats, and Full HD movie recording at 1080/60p, allowing users “the freedom to shoot cinematically”. “The Nikon D750 is a new breed of camera that introduces full-frame …


Nikon to unveil its next-generation D4S digital SLR at CES show

Nikon “is preparing for the release of its next-generation flagship model, the Nikon D4S DSLR camera”, the company announced this morning in an emailed statement. While details about the camera, including its resolution, upcoming availability and price, won’t be communicated until later this year, Nikon will be showing off a prototype at CES, a consumer technology show in Las Vegas, from 07 to 10 January. “As Nikon’s new flagship model, the D4S will offer significant advances over the Nikon D4 DSLR camera that include even better image quality through the adoption of a new image-processing engine, and more advanced autofocusing performance,” claims Nikon. “The  D4S represents a combination of Nikon’s advanced camera development technology heritage and years of experience working closely with photographers. Designed to expand the possibilities for professional photographers who require the best possible performance in extreme environments, the Nikon D4S will particularly benefit those in the fields of sports, press, and nature photography.”


Nikon brings back well-respected 58mm prime lens

First launched in 1977, the Nikon 58mm f/1.2 Noct-Nikkor, which was discontinued in 1997, continues to attract second-hand buyers on eBay with the lens retailing at more than double its original price – putting it out of reach for many photographers. No more, says Nikon, which is releasing later this month the AF-S NIKKOR 58mm f/1.4G, a homage to its celebrated ancestor. “Meticulously crafted to deliver exceptional imaging performance, this fast new prime lens is in a class of its own,” says Nikon. “The design concept pays homage to Nikon’s legendary Noct-Nikkor lens, while the brand new optical construction enables astounding sharpness, contrast, and resolution,” it adds. “With outstanding resolving capability, exquisite bokeh, and unbeatable performance when shooting wide-open, this is a distinctive lens for those pursuing the holy grail of low-light photography or who want a lens with a truly unique signature.” Nikon says that the lens reduces sagittal coma flare “across the entire frame with the result that point light sources such as city lights are reproduced as fine rounded points, even at the …


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