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Photographing the past, and future, of the union movement

Modern working life is so frenetic, we don’t often get the chance to dwell on how it is evolving, on how secure it is, on what we should do if it might ever become threatened. But who are the people, or groups of people, fighting against this seemingly inevitable trend? Who see, in the ways work once was, something noble, worth trying to protect. Noel Bowler’s new photography series Union, recently published as a photobook by the published by the Berlin-based publisher Kehrer Verlag, takes us inside the meeting rooms, and head offices, of industrial unions, introducing us to the people who try and safeguard the labour rights of ordinary people. Bowler portrays union offices from fourteen countries, ranging from Washington to Warsaw to Bowler’s native Ireland. He invites us to consider office spaces, meeting rooms and boardrooms as empty, dormant chambers, heavy with a sense of suspended conversation. By doing so, Bowler gives us the chance to consider how these beleaguered organisations – which sought to protect the rights of workers in the nineteenth century – have sought …


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