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EyeEm and VII Photo team up for Untold Stories

Founded five years ago, EyeEm has gone through several iterations – at once an online photographic community, a social network and a magazine. Their most recent and successful business model has been as a marketplace for imagery, giving photographers the chance to sell their images via agencies like Getty Images. While the Berlin company is clearly more aligned with the tech industry’s Silicon Valley DNA, they’ve been making in-roads with serious photographers. They recently held their first EyeEm festival in Germany, receiving 100,000 entries. Now, they’ve teamed up with VII Photo Agency to find the best emerging talent on their platform under the banner of Untold Stories. “It came from several discussions I had with Ed Kashi and Ron Haviv,” explains Severin Matusek, Vice President of Community at EyeEm. He was impressed with VII’s sought-after mentorship scheme which has ran since 2008, connecting young photojournalists with an experienced VII photographer for two years and gain the benefit of their knowledge and experience. “I wanted to do something similar with EyeEm, but with amateur shooters. Most people …


VII Photo adds five photographers to two-year mentor programme

First launched in 2008, the VII Mentor Program pairs emerging photographers with VII Photo’s members who, for a period of two years, will help them build and develop their skills and professional practice, as well as create relationships with editors, publishers and galleries, says the agency. While the VII Mentor Program used to be a one-on-one educational and professional opportunity for young photographers, VII Photo Agency is now looking to expand the scope of the programme. “We are in the planning stages of expanding the programme to add more mentees and also stage annual meetings and more,” says VII Photo member Ed Kashi. “Our idea is to establish a programme that allows us to create more camaraderie and deeper collaborations.” But the agency’s plans will be dependent on external funding. “Over the coming months, the agency will be seeking partnerships with other organisations to increase the opportunities it can offer to the mentored photographers,” the agency explains in a press statement. In the meantime, five young photographers will be joining the VII Mentor Program: Poulomi …


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