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Vivian Maier – Secret Photographer, Oscar Contender


She cradles a Rolleicord camera to her breast, her eyes staring into her reflection. Until recently, the woman behind the camera was unknown, living a quiet life as a nanny in Chicago and dying, alone in a nursing home, in 2009 at the age of 83. When Vivian Maier’s cache of 100,000 images were unearthed, her work was compared with the greats of street photography. A film was made, Finding Vivian Maier, which introduced a new generation to her photography. But Maier herself was the draw; who, exactly, was the mysterious French nanny? What drove her relentless imagery, and why did she keep it so resolutely hidden? On Sunday night, at the Academy Awards in Los Angeles, Vivian Maier’s film will keep for an Oscar for Best Documentary Feature – and she will stand at the centre of the world’s eye. How would she feel about this? Maier was a private but eccentric, Mary Poppins-like figure who spoke with a delicate French trill and was never without her medium format camera. She took thousands of photographs from the 1950s to 70s, …


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