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River Deep, Mountain High

To my mind, it’s the greatest wildlife photograph ever taken. This is Planet earth, but not as we know it. And that’s what I’m looking for in a photograph that celebrates the natural world – an instant reminder that truth is stranger, and more fantastical than fiction. Cherry Alexander’s picture of Chinstrap Penguins sheltering on a blue iceberg was the 1995 winner of the Wildlife Photograph of the Year award, which celebrates its 50th anniversary this year. Shot just off the coast of the South Sandwich Islands in Antarctica, the mountain’s of ice look like they’re torn straight from a book of fairytale; you wouldn’t believe the scene before you were it not for the gull flying overhead. Likewise, Fabien Michenet’s Little Squid (a finalist in this year’s Underwater Species category) captures life in a form that verges on abstraction; so alien to our minds, we can barely comprehend it. And to imagine, the photographer floating 20 metres below the surface in complete darkness, silent except for the occasional call of far off dolphins. And if the overall winner of this year’s contest …


BJP Staff