Month: November 2010

Morel to pursue legal case as AFP tries to settle

One month after Judge Pauley of the Southern District Court of New York heard the first arguments in the Agence France Presse v. Morel case, BJP has learnt that Morel has entered into “a confidential settlement agreement with ABC,” last Friday, Morel’s legal representative, Barbara Hoffman has confirmed. However, according to AFP, which contacted BJP through its lawyer, Morel has refused to settle with the news agency and its co-defendants – Getty Images, CNN and CBS. [bjp_ad_slot] The case, launched earlier this year by Agence France Presse, with Getty Images, the ABC and CBS television networks and CNN as co-defendants against the photographer, accused Morel of engaging in “an antagonistic assertion of rights,” after he objected to the use by AFP of images he posted online on the TwitPic and Twitter services. The images were of the 12 January earthquake, which hit Haiti and killed more than 230,000 people. When the disaster hit, Morel was in Port-au-Prince. According to a counter-claim he filled against Agence France Presse, Morel spent most of that day photographying. And with …


BJP Staff