Month: October 2011

Juergen Teller on his controversial 032c shoot

BJP: You’ve worked with [the model] Kristen McMenamy many times over the years, do you think that makes a difference to how you were able to shoot her? JT: Of course there’s a lot of history there – a lot of experience and the security that you know someone so well. It was clear that there was trust there, and I showed her the photographs afterwards. It was good we’ve worked on personal projects together and we’ve also done commercial jobs where both parties earned money. She didn’t do modelling for like ten years, she stopped to have kids. So we hadn’t worked together for a long time, then four or five yeas ago I asked her to do a Marc Jacobs campaign. She had this fabulous long grey hair I was super intrigued with, and I really enjoyed the work we did together. Then maybe two years ago we did something for W magazine, and she was very intrigued about the nudes I was doing, especially my naked self-portraits, and she was very open to doing …


BJP Staff