Month: June 2013

Magnum Photos appoints new full members

Photographers Peter van Agtmael and Olivia Arthur have been promoted to full-member status, Magnum Photos has confirmed. Both Van Agtmael and Arthur joined Magnum in 2008 as a nominee and became an associate member in 2011. [bjp_ad_slot] London-born Arthur co-founded Fishbar, a space for photography in London, in 2010, and published her first book Jeddah Diary two years later. Van Agtmael received the 2012 W. Eugene Smith Grant in Humanistic Photography, which recognises “a photographer who has demonstrated an exemplary commitment to documenting the human condition in the spirit of Smith’s concerned photography and dedicated compassion.”


Photographers to launch digital light meter [update]

Lumu Labs has created what it calls the “light meter for the 21st Century” – the Lumu, a device that plugs into an iPhone’s headphone jack to give accurate light readings with the help of a dedicated application. [bjp_ad_slot] “We were just a bunch of photographers, totally annoyed by the current selection of light meters on the market,” says Luka Mali of Lumu Labs. “You know the feeling: walking home, rain is pouring and that lame excuse called an umbrella that should supposedly keep you dry. And it’s the same with light meters: they’re huge, unpractical, archaic and cost way too much. We decided to change that – by connecting our beautiful digital light sensor without batteries to your iPhone. And using its brain and connectivity to bring some features never seen in light meters before.” The Lumu uses the iPhone battery to operate and is said to be more sensitive than the iPhone’s own light sensor. Now, Lumu Labs has turned to Kickstarter to raise the $20,000 needed to fund the light meter’s mass …


Broomberg & Chanarin win Deutsche Börse Photography Prize 2013

South African-born Adam Broomberg and UK-born Oliver Chanarin have been awarded the Deutsche Börse Photography Prize 2013. The announcement was made this evening at The Photographers’ Gallery in central London, with the award presented by film director Mike Figgis. Each year the £30,000 cash prize is awarded to “a photographer of any nationality for their significant contribution to the medium of photography, either through an exhibition or publication in Europe” in the last 12 months. [bjp_ad_slot] Broomberg & Chanarin, who live and work in London, were nominated for their publication War Primer 2, published this year by Mack Books. It is the first time in the history of the prize that an artist duo has won the award. “The limited-edition book physically inhabits the pages of Bertolt Brecht’s publicationWar Primer (1955),” say the judges. “In the original, Brecht matched WWII newspaper clippings with short poems that sought to demystify press images, which he referred to as hieroglyphics. In War Primer 2, Broomberg & Chanarin focus on the war on terror; sifting through the internet for low-resolution screengrabs and mobile …


Max Pinckers wins the 2013 City of Levallois Photography Award

Belgian photographer Max Pinckers has won this year’s City of Levallois Photography Award for his series The Fourth Wall. Pinckers’s work was chosen from 229 applications from 38 countries and will be shown at Photo Levallois Festival in France this autumn. [bjp_ad_slot] The Fourth Wall, a self-published book, explores the impact Bollywood has on wider society (see BJP January 2013.) “Nowhere else is there such devotion to cinema as in India,” Pinckers told BJP in January. “This fictional world seeps into reality and influences everyday life, dictating the perception and imagination of its audience.” On the jury for the award this year was curator Charlotte Cotton; Bruno Ceschel, founder and director of Self Publish, Be Happy; New-York-based artist and curator Chris Wiley; art collector and founder of SAM Art Projects, Paris Sandra Mulliez, and Stéphane Decreps, deputy mayor in charge of cultural affairs at the City of Levallois. The jury also gave special mentions to Finnish photographer Jonna Kina and Marleen F. Sleeuwits from the Netherlands whose work will also be exhibited during the festival from 4 October …


Frontline Freelance Register created to help freelance war reporters

The Frontline Freelance Register is a new representative body for freelance conflict photographers and journalists, created to “address the current gaps in the media landscape and [for freelancers] to take responsibility for their own safety and security,” says Vaughan Smith of the Frontline Club in London. “I think this is all linked to the coverage of the Syrian conflict, which is increasingly being conducted by freelancers,” he tells BJP in a phone interview, hours before news emerged that two journalists, including photographer Edouard Elias, had been abducted on their way to Aleppo in Syria. “The dangers are obviously great. In fact, I think it’s hard to find anything else in the past two decades that has been as dangerous for journalists as Syria has become.” [bjp_ad_slot] Founded by Smith and a group of freelance journalists and photographers, the FFR will also aim to ensure that its members observe responsible newsgathering and safety standards. “Freelancers need to have a voice, but most importantly demonstrate to the more traditional news industry that they are very serious about their work and …


Two journalists, including photographer Edouard Elias, abducted in Syria

According to Le Monde and BBC News, the two journalists, Didier François and Edouard Elias, were travelling to Aleppo in Syria when they were abducted by four armed men at a checkpoint on Thursday. Speaking from Japan, French president François Hollande has asked for the journalists’ immediate release. “We have indeed lost contact with these two journalists, but we do not yet know the exact circumstances,” the BBC reports Hollande as saying. “I demand the immediate release of these journalists because they do not represent any state. These are men who have worked so the world can get information. Journalists must be treated as journalists.” [bjp_ad_slot] News of their abduction was first reported by Les Echos and confirmed by Europe 1 – which had commissionned both journalists. Europe 1, a French radio station, says it is in contact with French authorities to help in the journalists’ release. Elias, a 22-year-old photographer, recently joined the agency Haytham Pictures. Since the beginning of the Syrian conflict, he has made several trips in Aleppo. His work has been published by Paris Match, Der Spiegel and The Sunday Times among …


National Geographic launches in-house stock agency

The in-house agency, called National Geographic Creative, is a new portal that “gives professional content buyers immediate access to hundreds of photographs and footage as well as National Geographic’s pool of award-winning photographers and filmmakers,” says the 125-year-old magazine. The agency will license National Geographic photography and video to commercial and editorial clients and makes National Geographic talent available for custom marketing campaigns, in branded and non-branded formats, it says. [bjp_ad_slot] “National Geographic has one of the world’s richest archives of still and moving imagery, with a perspective that we believe is unique to the market,” says Alice Keating, vice president of sales and marketing at National Geographic Creative. “Using the expertise of our talent and the unique imagery of National Geographic, we have collaborated with global brands such as Canon, HSBC and DuPont to create advertising campaigns and corporate branding materials. With National Geographic Creative, we hope to expand our services to an even wider array of advertisers, marketers, editorial publishers and other creative professionals, as we make it easier than ever for them …


Ageing and creative decline in photography: a taboo subject

How do photographers keep their work fresh in the face of what Martin Parr describes as “probably the greatest taboo subject of all” – creative decline? In the June edition of BJP, we spoke to photographers aged 19 to 100 and asked them when they think they were at their peak. Do photographers hit their stride in their thirties, or is that merely a myth? The June issue of BJP, which centres around the issue of age, is available from today at newsstands in the UK, and on the iPad and iPhone worldwide. [bjp_ad_slot] It features exclusive interviews with Don McCullin, Martin Parr, Alec Soth, Saul Leiter, David Goldblatt, Duane Michals, Brian Griffin, Vanessa Winship, George Georgiou, Adam Broomberg & Oliver Chanarin, Wolf Suschitzky, Olivia Bee, Max Pinckers, AnnaOrlowska, Anouk Kruithof and Lorenzo Vitturi. Below, some of our highlights: Olivia Bee, 19 “I don’t like to be known only by my age, but I know that because I’m 19 my age is a ‘thing’. It has always been a thing. I would prefer to be known as a photographer or an artist, rather than as a 19-year-old photographer.” Lorenzo Vitturi, 33 “When you are in your thirties, you come to …


At home in the dream factory


In a bold experiment that has shaken up the world of photography fairs, Paris Photo, the most prestigious and financially secure event in the photography calendar, held its inaugural event in Los Angeles, California, in April. With the Frieze Art Fair recently spreading its wings to New York, and Art Basel invading Hong Kong, it should not have been a surprise that a world-renowned photography fair would leap a continent in search of international sales, but for many this came as a shock move since Los Angeles has long been considered a relative backwater when it comes to the acquisition of photography. [bjp_ad_slot] Not surprisingly, the denizens of La La Land remain ultra- loyal to the film and television industries that have traditionally paid the rent. The extent of their willingness to turn out for an event championing the senior medium was unknown, especially as an existing annual trade fair, Photo LA, had lost much of its cachet for international galleries. Streets of New York In an audacious and inspired move, the organisers eschewed the formal …


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