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Cover image © Nicolas Haeni, from the forthcoming book Self Publish, Be Happy by Bruno Ceschel, which will be published by Aperture later this year. 

BJP's June issue is available for pre-order - and it's not just a pretty face. All about books, it includes interviews with an all-star team, including Tate Modern's Simon Baker, Mack Books' Michael Mack, five of the best French indie publishers, and three of the world's best photobook designers.

The photobook boom shows no sign of slowing down, with Tate Modern opening its Turbine Hall to the Offprint art book fair this May, and London crystallising its reputation for cutting-edge publications.

We’ve celebrated with a special issue, gathering together leading figures in the world of photography, such as Michael Mack (Mack Books) and Simon Baker (Tate Modern).

We also got London’s top indie publishers together in one room for a discussion – Bruno Ceschel (Self Publish, Be Happy), Hannah Watson (Trolley Books), Aron Morel (Morel Books), Damien Poulain (Oodee) and Maxwell Anderson (Bemojake).

“London has become the place people come to if they want to have an interesting book made as an artist,” says Ceschel.

“There is a set of skills here that is doing more than just nurturing British photographers, and people like us [publishers who] would in the past have been employed in an institution and put our skills and vision to use in three-dimensional spaces or other curatorial projects.

“Now, with the institutions we have, and the way that public funding dictate their agendas, it’s harder to do anything experimental and brave in them.”

Be part of the photobook boom, and order BJP’s June issue now.  

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