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BJP’s Portrait Issue 2016, with Portrait of Britain

Cover image: Dave Okumu © Phil Sharp

In Portrait of Britain, the BJP team envisaged an exhibition by the people, of the people and for the people. Now, in our new portraiture issue, we reveal the selected images which, for the month of September, will be displayed nationwide on JCDecaux digital screens in an unprecedented outdoor exhibition examining the face of modern Britain.

The magazine also includes longform features on Nadav Kander’s most recent portraiture series, Charlie Kwai’s stunning London street photography, and the picture editors of some of the world’s top magazines.

After settling in Kentish Town, North London, Kander established himself as on the most in-demand commercial portrait photographers in the world – taking iconic pictures of people like Barack Obama and Desmond Tutu, David Beckham and David Lynch.

In 2009, Kander started to work on more conceptual, landscape-orientated series. His series Yangtze, the Long River won the prestigious Prix Pictet, while his series Dust, which documents sites of Soviet nuclear testing on the border between Kazakhstan and Russia, and Bodies, a series of nudes covered in marble white dust, were exhibited at London’s Flowers Gallery.

Daily Presentations is his latest series, a mediation on modern Britain, through a series of serendipitous portraits of strangers.

Charlie Kwai is a self-described shy man, who began his life as a photographer by taking landscapes. That changed when the London-based artist started to walk the streets of his hometown, showing a remarkable, natural ability to capture what he describes as the contrast of “pace, people and culture” that comprises so much of big city life. He established himself with a visual recording of life at Piccadilly Circus, the endlessly varied people who move through the iconic interchange. He shares his new work with BJP.

We also ask the pictured editors of BRICK, Riposte, The New York Times Magazine, FT Weekend Magazine and ZEITmagazin to name memorable photographers and portrait shoots that have helped to define their publications.

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