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Kenyan artist Elspeth Diederix receives Meijburg Art Commission at Unseen

Image © Elspeth Diederix, courtesy Unseen

Elspeth Diederix, born in Nairobi, was selected as the recipient of this year’s Meijburg Art Commission at Unseen Photo Fair in Amsterdam

Talented, up-and-coming artists competed for the Meijburg Art Commission by submitting a proposal for a unique artwork with a focus on photography.

After being nominated, five artists developed their proposals for a site-specific commission. These were then presented to an international jury, which included Wilbert Kannekens (Chairman Managing Board, Meijburg & Co), Genevieve Fussel (Senior Photo Editor, The New Yorker) and Unseen’s 2016 campaign artists, Christto & Andrew.

Besides Elspeth Diederix, the nominees for this year’s Meijburg Art Commission are: Awoiska van der Molen (1972, NL); Mandy Barker (1964, UK); Motohiro Takeda (1982, JP); and Yoko Ikeda (1965, JP).

The jury report says: “We were taken by the understated complexity of her images. Upon first glance, they are striking photographs of flowers. Upon a closer look, however, the viewer realizes that the work has great depth.

“Elspeth is constructing environments, manipulating reality by creating flowers that don’t actually exist. Her work requires you to think a bit more, to wonder what is going on, what has she done to create the image? Her work reminds us of the famous Dutch Masters and its typical lighting.”

Elspeth Diederix will be given a project fund to produce her site-specific work for the Meijburg & Co offices. The artwork will subsequently be added to the Meijburg & Co art collection.

More information can be found here.

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