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Arles 2017: Voies Off

From the series Vortex © Jan Maschinski

The well-established Arles fringe festival boasts nearly 150 exhibitions plus a week of events in the Cour de l'Archevêché courtyard off the Place de la République

Dating back to 1996, Voies Off is the large and well-respected alternative to the official Rencontres d’Arles programme. Now backed by Leica, Voies Off is staging nearly 150 exhibitions from 03 July – 24 September, all of which are free to enter, plus a week of screenings, masterclasses, awards and portfolio reviews in the opening week, from 03 – 08 September, from its base in the Cour de l’Archevêché courtyard. The courtyard, off the Place de la République, also hosts parties, held every night from midnight in the opening week.

The Prix Voies Off, in which about 60 artists selected from 1797 entries, are screened each night at 10pm from tonight, and the winner announced on 08 July. Also included in the screenings are projections of the three Leica Oskar Barnack Award finalists, and a tribute to Polka magazine on its 10th anniversary. The masterclasses are this year led by Klavdij Sluban and Jacob Aue Sobol.

The exhibitions include a solo show by Sanne De Wilde called The Island of the Colorblind, which is presented by the Circulation(s) festival, and a solo show by Aue Sobol called With and Without You, a selection of works made over the last 20 years, after the death of his father.

Grace, 15, and Scovia, 12, run on November 23, 2008 in Kyango Bigavu, Rakai, Uganda. Nearly 600 Ugandan girls between the ages of 15 and 24 contract HIV per week. The demographic with the largest number of new infections are 12 to 18 year old girls. From the series Second Wave © Anna Boyiazis

Image © Weronika Gesicka

Shuja’iyya, Gaza – Eslam Shamali stands amid the rubble of her destroyed home. Eslam’s brother was a Hamas commander who died during the 2014 War, houses owned by their family were destroyed by the Israeli military during heavy fighting in their neighbourhood. From the series From Above © Vittoria Daniel

Angst © Soham Gupta

Ilona, 12 years old and Maddelena, 11 years old, the day of their first communion. Image © Sandra Mehl

From the series The Great Youth © Paolo Marchetti

Image © Nina Roeder

Image © Matthias Pasquet

Image © Mathias Depardon

Image © Mara Sanchez Renero

Liminality © Kajsa Gullberg

Image © Gaelle Abravanel

Image © Etienne Malapert

From the series Time of the Moon © Elena Kholkina

Image © David Wagnieres

Image © David Denil

Image © David De Beyter

From the series The End of Winter © Daniel Schumann

Image © Daniel Mayrit

Image © Dafna Tal

Image © Coco Amardeil

Image © Clement Chapillon

From the series Mannequin © Arko Datto

From The White Man’s Hole © Antoine Bruy

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