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Win a Jim Goldberg print for £50

April, the 'Corvette Lady'. April Auberry is a nurse at Kaiser Permanente Fontana who collects classic Corvette cars. San Bernardino, California, 2015 © Jim Goldberg

The Photography on a Postcard lottery makes unique works by Jim Goldberg, Martin Parr, Wolfgang Tillmans, and many more available at a snip, on a pot-luck basis

This October photographers have taken over the popular Art on a Postcard fundraiser run by The Hepatistis C Trust. Over 1000 unique works will be available for £50, with big names such as Jim Goldberg, Martin Parr, Wolfgang Tillmans, Nina Berman, and Cristina De Middel joining in alongside less-familiar talents. In total 1200 lottery tickets will be available, with the postcards assigned at random to ticket-holders on 30 October.

The images will go on show at theprintspace, Shoreditch from 12-25 October, with a private view on 12 October; in addition all the images, and a full list of the participating image-makers can also be seen at Tickets are bought online at and all money raised will go to The Hepatitis C Trust’s campaign to eliminate hepatitis C from the UK by 2030.

Stealth Bomber flies over an Atlantic City beach, NJ, USA August 15, 2007 © Nina Berman

© Wolfgang Tillmans

Istanbul, 2006 © Martin Parr

© Edmund Clark

© John Maclean

© Simon Roberts

© Luke Stephenson

Bonfire, Lewes, 2008 © Robin Friend

© Nichole Sobecki

© Nai Wen Hsu

© Mimi Mollica

© Lottie Hampson

© Katelyn Wang

© Karen Knorr

© Jenny Lewis

The Masai Mara game reseerve from the series Paradise Lost © Guillaume Bonn

© Giles Price

© Enamul Kabir

© Cristina De Middel and Bruno Morais

Tudor Road, 2009 © Chris Dorley Brown

© Cairo Bats Collective

© Barry Cawston

© Asia Werbel

© Jimena Lascurain

© Felicity McCabe

© Ed Ryder

© Derek Man

@ Benedict Kurzen

© Melanie Dunea

© David Moore

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