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Collaboration rules at the London Art Fair Photo50

Hollow Tongues #2, 2017 © (play)ground-less [a collective including Sarah Bayliss, Ninna Bohn Pedersen, Belén Zahera, and María Angélica Madero

Curated by the Hemera Collective, this year's exhibition considers image-making as a catalyst for group action from 17-21 January

The London Art Fair is back, with its Photography Focus Day on 19 January and the Photo50 group show curated by a collective the first time – the Hemera Collective curatorial group, which currently includes Jaime Marie Davis, Ashley Lumb, Helen Trompeteler and Kay Watson.

The Hemera Collective has put together a show called Resolution is not the point. which gathers photography and lens-based media artists from nine countries, including Larry Achiampong, David Birkin, Qiana Mestrich, and James Tylor & Laura Wills. The exhibition also includes work by several collectives, one of its points of enquiry is the way in which photography is encouraging artists to collaborate as it evolves, “as they push conceptual and technical boundaries of image-making, reaching beyond their own specialisms and drawing on the circulation of images, knowledge, and resources”.

The four artists in the group (play)ground-less are showing a work called Hollow Tongues #2, for example, “which speculates upon how 3D imaging technologies, specifically game engines, can be harnessed​ ​as​ ​a​ ​tool​ ​for​ ​shared​ ​seeing​ ​and​ ​participation​ ​through​ ​Virtual​ ​Reality (VR)”.

Glyth #3, Digital Montage on C-Type Print, 2013–14 © Larry Achiampong

​“We are thrilled to have been invited to be the first collective to curate the annual Photo50 exhibition at London Art Fair 2018,” state Hemera Collective. “It is a fantastic opportunity for us to bring together an inspiring range of artists, photographers, and collectives who truly explore the potential of photography to open up new ways of seeing the world. Our aim is to introduce these artists to new audiences, and to celebrate the diversity of creativity that exists at this time through an exhibition that reflects our commitment to working​ ​cooperatively​ ​and​ ​collaboratively.”

The London Art Fair is open from 17-21 January, 2018, with the Photo50 show open throughout. The Photography Focus Day on 19 January will include talks and discussions with curators and galleries such as Hemera Collective, Photoworks, and The Photographers’ Gallery

Can The Sun Lie, 2014, video still © Susan Schuppli

OOAK Vintage Black Francie Doll, from The Black Doll Series, 2017 © Qiana Mestrich

105 Degrees and Rising, Installation shot © Pio Abad

Oficiana Alianza and Port of Iquique, 1889, Album 12 © Fondo Fotográfico Fundación, Museo Universidad de Navarra, Pamplona

The Time and The Energy, 1983 © Marie Yates

The Forgotten Wars 7, 2017 © Laura Wills and James Tylor

The New World, Episode 1, 2017 © Foundland Collective

Pietà, 2012 © David Birkin

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