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Mexico – Between Life and Death

Masks, Mexico City, 1997 © Harvey Stein

Harvey Stein's new book is published on Mexico Independence Day, celebrating the culture and contrasts of small town life there

Between 1993 and 2010, Harvey Stein visited Mexico 14 times, which makes every year bar three. Fascinated by what he found, he photographed communities in small towns and villages, mostly during festivals such as Day of the Dead, Easter, and Independence Day.

In his new book, Mexico – Between Life and Death, Stein explores the disparities of a culture he became fascinated by, showing Mexico as a country of contrast – where life meets death, deep-rooted tradition meets creeping progress, and religious belief meets worldly corruption.

Mexico – Between Life and Death will be published on 16 September to mark Mexico’s Independence Day. It is available to buy from priced at €38.

Woman, Man and Child Looking Up, San Miguel de Allende, 1993 © Harvey Stein

Young Woman Holding Umbrella, Querètaro, 1999 © Harvey Stein

Explosion, San Miguel de Allende, 2008 © Harvey Stein

Man with Two Bundles, Wearing Chicago Bulls Sweatshirt, Pátzcuaro, 1999 © Harvey Stein

Woman Outside Window, San Miguel de Allende, 1995 © Harvey Stein

Man with Face in Shadow, San Miguel de Allende, 1997 © Harvey Stein

Man and Long Shadow from Above, Taxco, 2009 © Harvey Stein

Boy in Skeleton Costume Waving Stick, Etla, 2001 © Harvey Stein

Profile of Man with Sombrero, Zitácuaro, 2007 © Harvey Stein

Boy at Bottom of Stairs, Guanajuato, 1993 © Harvey Stein

oman Behind Wall with Poster, Mexico City, 2000 © Harvey Stein

Hooded Man Holding Pole, Night, Querétaro, 2007 © Harvey Stein

Holding Jesus, Taxco, 2003 © Harvey Stein

Man with Hitler Book, Mexico City, 2000 © Harvey Stein

Effigies and Police, San Miguel de Allende, 1999 © Harvey Stein

Youth Pointing Gun, Mexico City, 1997 © Harvey Stein

Man with Huge Carton on His Back, San Miguel de Allende, 1995 © Harvey Stein

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