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Contemporary identity at Mundo Latinx

Will To Resist, 2016 © Diego Moreno

A new show at London's Fashion Space Gallery uses a variety of media to consider contemporary identity for Latin America and its diaspora

“We were fascinated by the rich diversity of Latin America and the Latinx diaspora experience and wanted to address expectations of what Latinx means,” say the organisers behind Mundo Latinx, an exhibition of Latin American work going on show in London. “This exhibition coincides with challenging times in the global political climate when it is particularly important to highlight identity politics and diverse representation.”

A multimedia show, featuring work by film-makers, illustrators, and fashion designers as well as photographers, Mundo Latinx includes work by contemporary image-makers such as Diego Moreno from Mexico and Brecho Replay from Brazil, whose projects challenge notions of Latin American identity and beauty. Mundo Latinx is on show at the Fashion Space Gallery at London College of Fashion, University of the Arts London, and is organised by White Line Projects, a group of London College of Fashion, UAL MA Fashion Curation alumni which was founded by Fiona McKay and Xenia Capacete Caballero.

“The exhibition will explore and challenge stereotypical interpretations of ‘Latino’ culture, which diminishes the complexities and nuances that exist and challenge the concept that Latin Americans share one identity,” they state. “It will explore the dominant narrative, played out in the media, that characterises Latin Americans as exotic, criminal and powerless.”

Mundo Latinx is on show from 08 February – 04 May at Fashion Space Gallery, London College of Fashion, 20 John Prince’s Street, London, W1G 0BJ. Entry to the exhibition is free www.fashionspacegallery.com

A type of indulgence, 2016 © Diego Moreno

The Old Gentleman, 2016 © Diego Moreno

Projeto Teen, Afrocentrados, 1, 2018 © Brechó Replay

Breno Turnes, 2016 © Brechó Replay

Charo and Rosario, from the series La otra [The Other Woman], 2001 © Natalia Iguíñiz, courtesy of the artist

Alan, from the series Uniforms. Vol.1- Part 1, 2018 © Dorian Ulises López Macías, courtesy the artist

La Espera [The Waiting], 2013 © Lucia Cuba, courtesy of the artist

La Espera [The Hope] © Lucia Cuba, courtesy of the artist

From the series Mujeres del Maiz [Women of the Corn] © Jahel Guerra

From the series Mujeres del Maiz [Women of the Corn] © Jahel Guerra

Couple Balam, from the East Los Angeles Urban Portrait, 1978-83 © John M. Valadez

Brooklyn and Soto, from the East Los Angeles Urban Portrait Portfolio, ca. 1978 © John M. Valadez

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