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Laura Stevens: The beauty of getting lost

Postcards from Copenhagen invited three photographers – Marco Kesseler, Peter Holliday and Laura Stevens – to travel to Copenhagen over a long weekend and create a new body of work inspired by the Danish capital. Here, we publish the third and final project in the series. When visiting a new city you often arrive with a handful of preconceptions. It is well-known that Copenhagen boasts a rich cycling culture, and any guide book will tell you about its charming canals and narrow streets. It is impossible, however, to grasp the feel of a city before standing there on your own two feet. For Paris-based photographer Laura Stevens, the sense of calm in Copenhagen was particularly striking. “Everything seems peaceful here,” she writes in a journal entry reflecting on her first day in the Danish capital. “There is a distinct lack of aggression or paranoia, which I feel in Paris so often. It feels easier to breath here.” Postcards from Copenhagen marks Stevens first time in Copenhagen. On day one of the commission, the photographer chose …


Peter Holliday: Edgelands

Postcards from Copenhagen invited three photographers – Marco Kesseler, Peter Holliday and Laura Stevens – to travel to Copenhagen over a long weekend and create a new body of work inspired by the Danish capital. Here, we publish the second in the series. “Copenhagen is one of the few cities in the world where you can build and test rockets in a car park.” Peter Holliday is referring to a stretch of tarmac situated on the northern tip of Amager East, an island neighbourhood just a short bike ride away from central Copenhagen. This vast industrial area is the perfect setting for artists’ studios; its close proximity to the water makes it an ideal place to launch rockets. Copenhagen Suborbitals, the world’s only amateur space programme, has been based in the area since its founding in 2008. Funded solely by donations from space and rocket enthusiasts around the world, to date, the organisation has launched four home-built rockets and space capsules from a ship in the Baltic Sea. Its ultimate aim? To fly an amateur astronaut into …


“Be patient, self-aware and have humility”

Rena Effendi has spent years steadily building a successful career in photography. A social documentary photographer, her work is driven by human-interest stories and has taken her to Azerbaijan, Georgia and Turkey, among other places. It is all about telling stories that deserve to be told, she explains. “I try to focus on the world’s least represented issues and communities,” says Effendi, whose work can be seen at this year’s Photo London. “For example, with today’s #metoo movement having finally galvanised women around the world to come forward, very little is being reported on the cycle of sexual abuse in Native American reservations; people are silenced by stigma and the trauma festers. […] I seek out stories of people whose voices are not heard enough.” Effendi is one of five female artists – alongside Catherine Leutenegger, Letizia Battaglia, Tanya Habjouqa and Newsha Tavakolian – whose work is being brought to Photo London by Rome-based ILEX Gallery. This will be the gallery’s third time at the fair, says founder and director Deanna Richardson, who was compelled to …


Studio 1854: The power of photography

British Journal of Photography has been discovering and celebrating photography for over a century and a half. Through a new visual content agency – Studio 1854 – we are now collaborating with brands across the world while creating paid opportunities for our community to make new work


The artists using photography to unlock imagination

As windows to the world or portals into faraway places, photographs have the ability to transport the viewer anywhere, and to any point in time. This is true of Albarrán Cabrera’s artworks, on show at Photo London 2018. Influenced aesthetically by the duo’s travels to Japan, the artworks are concerned, on a more conceptual level, with how images trigger memory. Using both traditional printing methods and their own self-developed hybrid techniques, Barcelona-based artists Angel Albarrán and Anna Cabrera draw inspiration from the notion of photography as a medium that lies somewhere between the real and unreal; a means to see what is hidden from view. Whether making pigment prints with gold leaf or experimenting with the finish of a print, their work is, they say, all about finding ways to play with the viewer’s imagination. “Photography is a reflection on the world outside us,” say Albarrán Cabrera. “This reflection creates new questions and forces us to learn more about a concept, a set of ideas, a culture, or to even learn a new language.” Ultimately, …


A photographic journey across Copenhagen’s Carlsberg Fault zone

The Carlsberg Fault zone is a concealed tectonic formation that runs across the city of Copenhagen. A stranger to the city, Marco Kesseler used the line as a narrative to discover and photograph the everyday idiosyncrasies that give the capital its charm


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