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Olivia Rose’s Boy London

“This is one of my good friends Dapper,” Olivia Rose points out, as we pore over the many strikingly wistful close-ups that fill her portfolio. “He was arrested for carrying a corkscrew, for which he was going to open a bottle of wine. He went to prison for that! Oh, and this is Terry. Look at his double grill. His son’s name is Terry, and his dad’s name is Terry; he’s such a sweetheart, you know. He likes dancing to Haim.” Rose is not one to shy away from the complex realities that exist within her work. The male-orientated portraits feature not the faces of your typical pin-up, agency model, but real lads and men, fresh off the street. Her repertoire of male muses originate from all walks of life; drug dealers, gang members, young London lads off of the local council estate – you name it. They have all been captured by Rose’s lens. She is leading a new wave of photographic talent who, frustrated with the fashion industry’s stagnant stereotypes, are breathing life …


The Lost Labyrinths of Kowloon Walled City

Not many photographers can claim access to the most densely populated building in the world. Greg Girard most certainly can. Along with long-time collaborator Ian Lambot, the Vancouver-born Girard has spent most of his photographic career documenting, investigating and recording the colossal phenomenon that is Hong Kong’s Kowloon Walled City; transforming it into the infamous icon it is today. Demolished in 1994, the former Qing dynasty fortress defied its historical confinement through human ingenuity, housing an estimated 33,000 people within the space of just one single city block. The project arose through a chance encounter. “I stumbled across it,” Girard says. “I had heard of it years previously, but never seen a picture of the place or met any who had been there. “One night I was photographing near Hong Kong’s old international airport, when I came round a corner and saw this big thing that was so different from anything else, that it had to be the walled city”. Girard spent five years capturing the anarchic architecture of the walled city. His images expose …


Institute announces new members

The latest members to join photography agency Institute have been revealed. Photographers Vincent Fournier, Lee Grant and Claire Martin have contributed to a wide variety of publications, which include: The Wall Street Journal, TIME magazine, and Wallpaper*, among others. Vincent Fournier, born in Burkina Faso in 1970, is currently based in Paris. His work, which combines documentary and staged photography, questions perception and reality, and explores the element of dream and mystery in scientific and technological research. “Vincent Fournier is someone we have admired for a long time”, says Institute executive director, Matt Shonfeld. “I believe he is one of the best image-makers in the world today.” [bjp_ad_slot] Lee Grant is a documentary and portrait photographer whose exploration of migrant life in Australian suburbia examines identity, integration, and inhabited landscapes. “Grant has created a niche in photography”, says Shonfeld. “Given her Korean-Australian heritage, the work is partly autobiographical.” Fellow Australian Claire Martin trains her lens on marginalised communities within prosperous nations. With a degree in social work, but choosing to take a path of photography, “Martin’s work is more reportage in aesthetic …


A view on Chechnya

“Some deaths we know. Others we forget”, writes Edouard Carmignac in the prologue to Davide Monteleone’s photobook, Spasibo. Carmignac alludes to the code of silence that ravages the Russian region of Chechnya, a former enclave of brutal oppression, violent conflict and rampant corruption, and the subject of documentary photographer and 4th winner of the Carmignac Gestion Photojournalism Award Davide Monteleone’s series, Spasibo. Loosely translated as ‘thank you’, the photographer uses the word ironically for his poignant study of Chechan life under the tyrannical rule of Kremlin-backed leader Ramzan Kadyrov. [bjp_ad_slot] Published by Kehrer and priced at £40, the book contains striking black and white images that convey not the war-torn, blood-stained visions of the Republic’s past, but of a modern Chechnya. Monteleone takes the reader on an incisive journey through Chechnya’s myriad landscape, traversing snow-scattered mountains, neo-classical Stalinist constructions, gilded mosques, and run-down towns, to explore the complex identities and cultures of those who call the region home. Monteleone’s monograph possesses a sensitivity that captures the beautiful banality of his subjects. As Spasibo’s narrative gradually unfolds, an apparent undercurrent of ambiguity and emotion is …


Calling all photographers

Photographers have until the 1 December 2014 to submit their work for the new inaugural Jerwood/Photoworks Awards. Launched in 2014, the collaboration between the Jerwood Charitable Foundation and Photoworks is supported by Arts Council England. Three prizes will be awarded to photographers who produce “outstanding proposals in relation to innovative approaches to photography” write the organisers in a press statement. Open to all art practitioners using photography residing in the UK, three awards of £5,000 each will be presented, alongside mentoring programme, access to a significant production fund, and a group exhibition in London as part of the Jerwood Visual Arts programme at Jerwood Space (from November 2015) with a subsequent UK exhibition tour. [bjp_ad_slot] The judging panel includes Celia Davies, director of Photoworks; Shonagh Manson, director of Jerwood Charitable Foundation; artists Broomberg and Chanarin; and Lucy Moor, director of Claire de Rouen Books. “We are as interested in entrants who use photographs, archives and found photography as we are in photographers and artists who make their own photography.” says Celia Davies. “The Jerwood/Photoworks Awards …


#RePicture competition open for entries

Getty Images and iStock have teamed up to create a new international photography competition, #RePicture. The competition aims to challenge how we photograph the world and find ways to subvert stereotypical imagery across the globe. Originally launched at this year’s Cannes Lions festival in France, #RePicture is inspired by the success of Getty Images’ recent partnership with Lean In, an organisation that champions creative opportunities for women. [bjp_ad_slot] Open to amateur and semi-professional photographers and creatives worldwide, the competition offers prizes from Canon, and the chance to get on board as a Getty Images contributor. “We feel passionately that images have the power to change the way people view the world.” says Andy Saunders, senior vice president for Creative at Getty Images in a press statement. “We’re excited to launch this competition and not just continue with our aim of breaking down existing visual stereotypes, but also to discover ground-breaking new creative talent around the world”. He adds: “Getty Images has always been committed to creating imagery that presents a more authentic view for our customers– everywhere from Tokyo …


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