Author: Hannah Abel-Hirsch


Vivek Vadoliya questions what it means to be beautiful

“I think the trigger point for my projects often ends up being about understanding where I fit into the world,” reflects London-based photographer Vivek Vadoliya. Growing up, the British Asian artist’s perception of beauty was complex – epitomised by the quintessential English Rose, the Bollywood starlet, and, above all, the fairness embodied by them both. Vadoliya internalised these ideals. But, by his mid-twenties, he had realised that they were absurd. The gradual shift in Vadoliya’s understanding of beauty contributed to the development of his artistic practice. “[Challenging my own ideals] has really fed into the types of people I photograph and how I show them,” he explains. The artist’s work is grounded in an anthropological approach, which foregrounds the overlooked communities and subcultures on which it centres.  For Through the Eyes – a new creative series from Ace & Tate that, through talks and the commissioning of new work, invites visual artists to explore different themes – Vadoliya was keen to create a body of work distinct from his traditional practice, while still interrogating the …


BJP Staff