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Erik Madigan Heck brings his diamond standard to Sotheby’s

“I always wanted to be a painter; I suppose most photographers secretly do,” says Erik Madigan Heck. “My mother was a painter. We painted together when I was a child, and she took me to the museum almost every week to look at paintings.” He’s gone on to develop a rich, painterly style of photography, which has brought him commissions from clients such as The New York Times Magazine, Vanity Fair, TIME, The New Yorker, and Harper’s Bazaar UK – and, most recently, with Sotheby’s Diamonds


BJP & Magnum Photos present four new Professional Practice Workshops

With an ever-changing arts market and increasingly competitive photography network, there has never been a time more important to know how to market, sell and distribute your work. A fresh programme of workshops led by industry professionals and Magnum photographers taking place over the coming months, will provide an invaluable insight into the dos and don’ts of the photography market, and present highly valuable training opportunities for photographers at any stage in their career. There will be four workshops each lasting two days, with the first starting on 19 November. Each will address a different aspect of the business, including how to establish a professional network of industry contacts, how to understand the requirements of the market and what the realistic routes into photographic employment are. A selection of carefully curated lectures from speakers addressing specific areas of the photographic industry, sharing practical advice on how to succeed in their particular area,  will take the lead in activities for the first day. On the second day, photographers will have the chance to present their portfolios and get honest …


Online photography community Photocrowd launches crowdfund

Photo crowd aims “to connect photographers of all abilities and backgrounds with image buyers around the world, and to make sure that the photographers get a fair share of the profit; the fundraise will support their expansion plans.” Photocrowd currently provides its members from 166 countries with a platform on which to sell their best images as prints, wall art, canvases and coming later in 2016, commercial stock image downloads. Their stylish e-commerce platform for photographers launched in March, giving members their own print store on the site, alongside a central art shop. As the traditional distinction between professional and amateur becomes increasingly blurred, Photocrowd’s model makes it possible for any photographer to earn money from their best work. Photographers sign up for free and create their storefront; Photocrowd takes care of payment, production, and global shipping. Photographers earn at least 50 percent commission on sales, rising to 80 percent if a subscription is taken out. Photocrowd also offers a series of sponsored photo challenges that allow members to win prizes and get their images rated by the crowd …


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