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Living Room by Jana Sophia Nolle

Conditions for homeless people in San Francisco, California are thought to be among the worst in the world. Though it consistently ranks among the top three most expensive places to live in the US, in a report from September 2018, UN special rapporteur Leilina Farha condemned the “cruel and inhumane treatment” of homeless people in San Francisco as “a violation of multiple human rights”. German photographer Jana Sophia Nolle first visited the city in 2016, and was struck by this shocking disparity between the rich and poor.  According to the Department of Homelessness and Supportive Housing, on any given night, more than 7,000 people experience homelessness, with at least 4,000 sleeping unsheltered. At the same time, the city is home to Silicone Valley, and half of all the tech billionaires in the world. “I noticed that although these two worlds share a sidewalk, they are so disconnected in daily life,” says Nolle, “For me, this whole project was about forming human connections and relationships”. Nolle has spent the past two years travelling between Berlin and San Francisco, making …


Three Years Young

“I never imagined I would see those families again,” says Jenny Lewis of the newborns and mothers she photographed in Malawi in 2015. “It was strange leaving there for the first time and not knowing.” Lewis first travelled to Malawi on commission with WaterAid to bring her project One Day Young – a series of portraits of mothers with their one day old babies – to the world’s poorest nation, and to raise awareness of WaterAid’s Deliver Life appeal, which aims to reach 130,000 of families around the world with safe water.   The resulting series of portraits, entitled One Day Young Malawi, shows mothers in rural Malawi celebrating the very first motions of new life. The images are an extension of Lewis’s One Day Young series, which was shot in Hackney, east London across several years. However, the conditions in which these infants were born could not have been more different; their very existence triumphant. Lewis photographed all 10 of the children for One Day Young Malawi in 2015, on the day they were …


Bitter Leaves traces the life of a cigarette from leaf to butt

Cigarettes are considered the most marketed consumer product in history. And yet, beyond the normalised images of tobacco – the glamorous Hollywood starlet yielding a cigarette holder, or the health warnings that coat cigarette packets – little is shown of its production. Rocco Rorandelli’s project Bitter Leaves goes behind the scenes, tracing the tobacco industry from provinces in China, where its leaves are farmed, to the ‘cigarette girls’ selling the product at parties and theme parks. The project, which comprises a photo story and research into the devastation caused at every stage of production, is now being published by GOST Books. Among the images are a photograph of a patient seated in a greying hospital room, juxtaposed with a portrait of a malnourished child seated on a bale of drying tobacco leaves, sacks of them stretching out into the warehouse behind him.  “I wanted to understand what was hiding behind the cigarette,” says Rorandelli. “Most anti-smoking campaigns are based on the detrimental effects that smoking has on its users. If we are to become more …


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