Funded Content Partnerships at British Journal of Photography

British Journal of Photography works hard every day to produce original and engaging content for you our audience. In bygone days, advertising played an important part in funding our editorial output. But times they are a changin’.

Increasingly, advertisers are choosing a ‘storytelling’ approach to communicating with the world, over conventional display advertising. You’ve probably noticed more of this type of content recently from major media outlets. That’s because working with brands to create ‘content marketing’ campaigns has now become an important survival strategy for publishers everywhere.

But what about journalistic integrity? Can non-paid and paid content live hand in hand? We believe they can. Indeed, they must, because without these content partnerships we would not have the much needed funding that allows us to keep bringing you the quality journalism and original deep analysis you have come to expect from British Journal of Photography.

So, we’ve put some hard and fast principles in place to ensure that our content partnerships are a positive arrangement for both the brands involved, and for you:

Rule 1 – Only produce engaging content

We will only produce partner content that we believe is of genuine interest to our audience. We’ll never publish content that doesn’t pass this test (no matter how much a brand offers to pay us!), and all paid content is written by our editorial team.

Rule 2 – Only work with good partners

We only work with partners who share our values and are happy to give us the editorial control that we need to obey Rule 1.

Rule 3 – Be honest about what content is paid

We clearly label content produced as part of a content partnership, so you know how it has been commissioned and produced and who funded it. You will see three different types of labels for this content:

1.“Sponsored by <Brand name>”

This is content that we produce with payment from a brand and where the brand decides what the content’s about. It is commissioned by our commercial department, we share draft content with the brand before it is published and they have input in editing the content, but in accordance with Rule 1, it is still written by our editorial team and we have final say on the edit that’s published.

2.“Supported by <Brand name>”

This is content that we produce independently but which a brand has agreed to support financially, either because they wish to be associated with the themes the content addresses, or to demonstrate to you that they are supporting the photographic community by giving us the resources to produce it. Supporting brands may have some say in the topics covered, but the content is commissioned and produced by our editorial team and the brand is not shown a draft of the content before it is published or given any opportunity to edit the published content. All “Supported Content” partnerships are approved by our commissioning editors before being agreed with the brand.

3.“Partner content”

Sometimes we may share content that is created as part of a commercial partnership (e.g. on behalf of a sponsor of one of our events) or content created by someone else (e.g. a video or article written by a third party). Where we receive payment to do so, the content will be clearly labelled “Partner content”. Even if the publication of the content does not involve money changing hands, but is still commercial in nature, this type of content will also be labelled “Partner content”. And in accordance with Rule 1 & 2, we will only share third party content that we think is of interest to our audience, meets our quality standards and is consistent with our values.

These labels appear both at the top and bottom of any branded content articles, either the start or end frames of any videos, via tagging as branded content on social posts (e.g. you’ll see the wording “The British Journal of Photography with <Sponsor name>” at the top of these Facebook posts) or explicitly labelled with the wording “With <Brand name>” where we were unable to tag the partner on the post.

Speak to us About Branded Content Services

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