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Inside The European Union Theme Park

In 2012, Lewis Bush travelled around Europe, trying to document the effects of the global recession and the Euro crisis. “I found myself continuously getting caught up on what seemed to me to be the major role being played by the past in the problems of the present,” he says. On his travels, he found a small theme park, one made to celebrate the harmonious idyll of The European Union – “a bizarre vision of an idealised Europe.” The park contained the national landmarks of each EU member states, reproduced as scale models. From the French Arc de Triomphe, to The British Houses of Parliament, from the Channel Tunnel to the Brandenburg Gate. “I had this really strong feeling that one of the great mistakes being made in Europe was the way difficult histories hadn’t really been resolved or laid to rest,” Bush says. “But had often been brushed aside in the rush towards economic prosperity and closer union between member states.” Bush captures how the nature of the park created unintended juxtapositions, like national landmarks positioned by litter bins, with the logos …


BJP Staff