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A Year in the Life of a London Priest

Kit Gunasekera is the Vicar of St James Church in Clapham, South London. Born in Chiswick in 1972, Kit is of Sri Lankan descent and spent his early childhood in Colombo, Sri Lanka. Kit found God when he was 17 at a Sunday church service in Holy Trinity, Hounslow.  He was ordained in 2006. Of things not seen, the series by local Clapham photographer Jim Grover, which is exhibiting at the Oxo Tower gallery in South London now, shows Gunasekera’s role as a priest in a church community, juxtaposing the calling of his faith with the everyday challenges of running a church, ministering to a diverse group of parishioners while trying to increase his congregation. We speak to Grover about the creation of a series, over a calendar year in 2015: How did the project come about? I had been challenged by a photographer friend to find a local story here in Clapham, South London.  Being local was important to me.  From a very practical perspective, I needed to be able to effortlessly dip in and out of it so …


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