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Women’s football: Taking up space

Alice Mann was selected for the adidas Breaking Barriers commission. Organised by Studio 1854 in collaboration with adidas, the project awarded Mann £10,000 to create a new body of work. Below, a handful of the players who Mann photographed reflect on the personal importance of football, together with the challenges that come with playing a sport often associated with men. The 2019 Women’s World Cup felt remarkably different to previous iterations. In the UK, the BBC committed to broadcasting every game on national television. Broadcasters around the world followed suit. Almost 59 million people watched Brazil play France, making it the most viewed women’s football match of all time. In the UK, audience figures totalled 28.1 million, amounting to 47 per cent of the television-watching UK population, while, in Holland, 88 per cent of Dutch television viewers watched the final. This was the country’s largest television audience since the men’s World Cup semi-final in 2014.  The impact of this should not be underestimated. With such a presence in the media, women’s football entered the mainstream. The …


Ewen Spencer’s vision of Young Love

“The Face had a different theme every issue and were planning an issue on sex, so Graham Rounthwaite [the art director] said ‘Can you photograph in clubs and sixth form parties and get an idea of young kids’ idea of love?’”says Ewen Spencer. The feature became a regular spot, sometimes shot by Spencer and sometimes by another photographer, a writer going along each time to talk to the kids they found. But it became an ongoing interest for Spencer, who started to pursue it in his own time as well as on commission, and images from the series have now been published as a book by Stanley Barker


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