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Mastered with Nick Knight: 10 photographers reimagine Christmas

Tired of the saccharine, syrupy images we are bombarded with at this time of year, we asked photographers on the Photography: Mastered with Nick Knight talent programme to reimagine the festive season. The result? A collection of shots that range from the personal and thought-provoking to the kitsch and tongue in cheek; seeing the photographers take a step back from modern day representations of the festive season to create images that juxtapose seasonal revelry with wider social issues and personal experiences. Whether it’s Agustina Rodriguez’s ode to loved ones missed or Irvin Rivera’s take on an off-duty Santa, there’s at once poignancy and humour running throughout these images. The consumerism that so pervades at this time of year is also absent here, with Zuzia Zawada and Pierre Manning focusing on themes such as depression and child homelessness, and Michael Barr and Debora Barnaba emphasising innocence and naivety. Just as childhood favourite, the Grinch, muses “W​hat if Christmas, he thought, doesn’t come from a store. What if Christmas, perhaps, means a little bit more?”     In place …


Advertorial: Growing your photography business with Photographer Whoosh


With so many photographers out there, gaining a strong foothold in the photography business comes with its difficulties and frustrations.  Conventional ways of advertising are becoming ineffective, so more and more photographers are now turning to digital media to promote their business. However, the Internet can be a complicated place for the inexperienced. Take Google — if you’re a photographer looking for work, advertising on Google might seem like a good opportunity to gain access to a huge pool of potential customers.  Currently there is huge search volume for photographer related keywords at Google; around half a million people search for “photographer” related keywords every month in the UK. However, there are some serious issues to consider here.  You’re likely an inexperienced Google Adwords marketer, and you will most probably waste your money in a relatively short time. Lack of experience in setting up effective AdWord campaigns often ends up attracting irrelevant traffic to your site, and you still have to pay for that traffic. Although AdWords might be showing, say, 10 clicks for the keyword ‘wedding photographer’, it does …


Storage with a Taste for Adventure

Your life is wild, to capture it and the content you create in it, you have to go to extremes. This lightweight family of rugged products are designed to go there with you, handling all the knocks, scrapes and splashes of everyday life – protecting your data no matter the terrain. Even under the best conditions, getting the killer shot rarely happens on the first try. The right moment might arrive only after thousands of shots and hours of post, so you need gear that’s always at the ready. That’s why professionals like to use the G-DOCK ev™ with Thunderbolt™ along with the G-DRIVE® ev to capture and transfer their data at blazing speeds so they can keep inspiration front and centre. G-Technology’s new family of rugged products are compatible with the Evolution Series, meaning you can now combine flexibility with increased resilience and durability, making this perfect for those who need storage that’s ready to rock and rumble. With a choice of Thunderbolt or USB 3.0 interfaces, the G-DRIVE® ev ATC can withstand a …


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