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Dylan Nelson: “Familiar objects can produce an uneasiness”

Dylan Nelson was studying at Massachusetts College of Art when the idea for Amber Gambler struck him. “At the time I wasn’t sure what sort of project to begin and I would go on walks through Boston photographing odd things I encountered,” the 27 year old explains. “Eventually this turned into a reactionary process where I would make a photograph and then respond to it by making a new image that shared a similar composition or formal quality. It became a ‘call and response’, from one image to the next.” Nelson deliberately played with perspective and scale as he was shooting, using a long lens to compress distance and space, and the result is a deliberately disjointed, elusive set of images that puts the viewer off track. “Familiar objects can produce an uneasiness,” he says. “The specific locations are irrelevant; the images contain details that could essentially be from any urban area. I was often drawn to architectural ‘mishaps’, refuse, signage, and inorganic and organic matter. The photographs of these elements that are blended together …


BJP Staff