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Bastiaan Woudt on how fatherhood was inspiration for a career in portraiture


Initially capturing close friends and family, Woudt’s practice has evolved into an experimental meditation on the genres of portraiture, still life and landscape that has propelled him into a successful career, consisting of self-initiated personal projects pursued alongside editorial and fashion commissions. Although he is drawn by the relationship between subject and photographer, Woudt’s approach is founded on the belief that you cannot truly represent the person in front of the lens. Instead, it is his own artistic vision that lies at the centre of each portrait he takes, moving this encounter into a more abstract realm. “I want to show how I see the people in front of my lens,” he comments. “Besides documenting a person’s face or body I want to make every portrait into something more, with an extra dimension to it.” In this vein, the photographer has developed an interest in technical processes, progressing from the pictorial style he investigated at the beginning of his practice into a more experimental zone. Balancing a polished classicism with a more contemporary exploration of …


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