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BJP #7831: Cool and Noteworthy

We call it Cool and Noteworthy, and it’s back again; our annual showcase of the people and projects that have caught our attention this year is on shelves now – or available to buy straight from the app store or BJP shop. It’s been a remarkable year, with photography projects the world over taking great exploratory leaps into the unknown. We take pride in championing the movers and shakers of photography land, however idiosyncratic they may be, but we’re also careful to pay due attention to the more traditional photographers to make their mark this year. It would be remiss to publish an annual photography review without paying homage to the brave new world of mobile photography, so you can find in these pages features on the secretive French collective #Dysturb, on the photographers who caught the wave of protests in Ferguson, Missouri, Thailand and Hong Kong, on the new phenomena of drone-based consumer images, on the “friendly window watcher” Gail Albert Halaban, and on Jules Spinatsch, who co-opted the state-of-the-art security of the Vienna State Opera House …


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