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Shared Sight: Lina and Mengchun

Four years ago, in a bunker hidden beneath the streets of Beijing, two teenage girls, Lina and Mengchun, met for the first time. Now they share everything – even their sight. After a chance encounter with a stranger outside a McDonald’s restaurant, the Spanish photographer Albert Bonsfills was invited to one of these underground homes. It was during this visit, while photographing in the vast, darkened corridors of the underground complex, that his attention was drawn to a blonde figure. “To see blonde hair after three months living in China was really strange. This girl was tall and wore a bright pink coat; her long blonde hair was flowing down her back. I had to run after her.” The girl’s name is Mengchun Liu. She is an Albino, a congenital disorder which — along with a profound visual impairment — has singled her out since birth. Whereas Mengchun has retained 0.1 percent of her eyesight, her best friend Lina Dong, with whom she lives, works and shares everything, is completely blind. “If you are blind in China, there are only two options,” …


BJP Staff