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Bob Dylan on tour in 1975, shown for the first time

It has been said that Bob Dylan – the character – predates Bob Dylan the musician. Certainly the wandering minstrel is a concept as old as Christendom, but there’s more here. Dylan occupies a unique space in the American cultural idiom: Though his lyrics are not poetry, he is undoubtedly a poet. Though he speaks constantly and articulately, he seems profoundly reticent. His ubiquity is underscored by a kind of divine absence – as though he’s not really there. A silent troubadour. A walking paradox whose words cover everything and nothing. A voice of the times, or maybe a voice for every time. Little wonder perhaps, that photographic collections of Dylan are a key component to understanding his enduring appeal. And a new book of images by Ken Regan showcases that enigmatic persona during his 1975 Rolling Thunder Revue. It’s certainly a revealing collection. Said Regan: “I had total access. I could walk into his dressing room at any given point and photograph anything he was doing.” Indeed, many of the photographs appear here for the first time since they were taken forty …


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