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Calumet declares bankruptcy in the US

Calumet Photographic, part of the Calumet Group, had been planning a restructure, which would have enabled the company to avoid bankruptcy. But after the loss of a financial supporter, those plans have had to be abandoned, Calumet says. Instead, the company has filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy, which will result in the liquidation of its assets. The company says, however, that its operations in the United Kingdom and Europe will not be affected by the move. According to a press statement released this morning, the companies in Calumet Group in Europe and the UK are financially separate and operate independently. “The filing of Chapter 7 for Calumet Photographic in the United States has no direct impact on Calumet in Europe and the United Kingdom,” says general manager of Calumet, Christof Bergmann, in the statement. “Right now, we are developing plans for a return to the US market, with retail locations and an online presence.”


Behind Kiev’s barricades: against the odds

“They are the best pictures we’ve seen for a few months now,” says Roger Tooth, head of photography at The Guardian. “We’ve almost had to mete out the number of images we’ve been using, really, because they have been the best pictures we’ve seen almost every single day.” The protests in Ukraine kicked off on 21 November 2013, after the country’s government put an end to free-trade negotiations with the European Union. Since then, opposition forces have taken to the streets across Ukraine in general and in Kiev in particular. While the protests were covered extensively in December and early January, recent images coming out of the country have led the media to take a more visual approach to the events. “From a visual standpoint, it probably couldn’t be scripted any better,” says Brendan Hoffman, a photojournalist with Prime Collective. “Smoke, steam, snow, soft light and fire – I believe this story will be remembered primarily in pictures.” [bjp_ad_slot] For Hugh Pinney, vice president of editorial at Getty Images, the “very unusual colour combination of fire …


Getty Images and Samsung enter long-term partnership

On 27 January, at the annual Samsung European Forum, Jonathan Klein, CEO of Getty Images, took to the stage to announce that the stock agency had signed a deal with the South Korean electronics manufacturer, in an effort “to help people across the world share their stories through the power of photography”, reads a prepared statement. Partnerships between photo agencies and camera manufacturers aren’t a novelty – Magnum Photos and Leica have a shared history, Canon and Nikon sponsor most agencies including VII Photo, Noor and Getty, and Sony just signed a deal with Panos Pictures and William Klein to help promote its cameras. BJP understands that Sony also approached Magnum Photos last year, ahead of the launch of its A7R professional compact camera. Yet with the creation of a Samsung Collection of images shot exclusively with Samsung’s NX cameras, Getty Images is seeking to deepen its ties with the manufacturer. “I think Samsung has a strong commitment to the democratisation of photography and, even more importantly, connected photography,” said Craig Peters, senior vice president …


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