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Stories for Change: Catherine Hyland

Stories for Change is an ongoing collaboration between British Journal of Photography and Panasonic LUMIX that celebrates the power of photography in driving positive change. In August 2019, three photographers will each be awarded a grant and a LUMIX S Series kit to create a new body of work around the themes Inclusion and Belonging. Below Catherine Hyland discusses what she has planned. “The North Korean regime is something we all know about,” says Catherine Hyland. “We are completely fascinated by it, yet, when it comes to the community, there are very few people helping them.” For the last 18 months the London-based photographer has been attending K-pop competitions and church services in New Malden, spending time with North Koreans who have settled in London after fleeing their country.  “I’m trying to figure out a way to make something artistic that isn’t just exposing people who are already fragile,” says Hyland. Aware of the sensitive nature of the subject matter, and therefore the importance of forming relationships and gaining trust within the community, Hyland is …


Creative Brief: Sarah Barnett, N by Norwegian

“It was moving to London that got me interested in publishing,” says Sarah Barnett, who relocated to the capital from Manchester with a multimedia degree and experience working in an interactive agency. She quickly got a job at Progressive Content marketing agency, and later became the art editor of Economia magazine, working with Rebecca McClelland (formerly photography editor for New Statesman, Port and Wallpaper*) and photographer Catherine Hyland. Together, they had “the challenge of trying to push the creative boundaries of an accountancy magazine,” she recalls. “We worked with some of the best portrait photographers and that definitely influenced me in how I work with photography today.”

In 2016, she became the art director of N by Norwegian, spearheading its recent redesign to allow more room for photography series, demanding a “whole new level of editing”, says Barnett. “We might be an in-flight publication, but we’re more than just travel.”


Austria. The Art of Discovery: Final shortlist announced

British Journal of Photography is excited to reveal the photographers shortlisted for Austria. The Art of Discovery. Of the eight photographers, one will travel to Austria on an exclusive commission to explore and document the country


Ones to Watch: Catherine Hyland

Catherine Hyland’s fascination with landscape is the inspiration behind her otherworldly large format images depicting humanity’s attempts – some more effective than others – to tame the environment. It’s an observation that has led to both artistic and commercial commissions, with residencies at venues such as the Focal Point Gallery in Southend for the Radical Essex programme, the Cultural Association Su Palatu Fotografia in Sardinia and the Design Museum in London. She has also made a short documentary for the Sri Lanka Design Festival on the country’s eco-factories.


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