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From the series New Marshfield, Ohio © CK Vijayakumar

CK Vijayakumar – New Marshfield, Ohio

“I don’t consider myself a storyteller,” says the Tamil-Indian photographer CK Vijayakumar. “I photograph primarily because it helps me deal with reality; it helps me to understand how life can be perceived through a camera.” Unlike many photojournalists, Vijayakumar never experienced that moment – a calling – when he suddenly felt moved to document the lives of others. He is not, in the tradition of many photographers, driven to affect a change; rather, photography is a means with which to process a reality, to deconstruct it. And it’s very personal to him. A software engineer from Chennai in India, Vijayakumar was seconded to a software developer in Houston some six years ago, and in that time moved from his job in the most populous city in Texas to a job in the most populous city in California. “I bought a car about a month after I arrived in the US and started driving around by myself, looking out the window and watching the country roll by,” he says. “I think the US does that to you …


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