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Drip, a new platform from Kickstarter, offers access to ongoing funding

Kickstarter has arguably revolutionised photography, allowing image-makers to source crowdfunding for big projects, and therefore help bring trends such as self-publishing to life. It’s now commonplace for photographers to announce they’re making a book and start a Kickstarter campaign to fund printing it, for example – but the platform only launched in 2009, and Arnold van Bruggen and Rob Hornstra were very early adopters when they used it to fund the first book in The Sochi Project (which was published in early 2010). Now Kickstarter has announced a new initiative allowing artists, collectives, and communities to seek funding on a more ongoing, subscription-like basis, rather than for one-off projects. Called Drip, it was soft-launched on 15 November and, so far, is only open to creatives invited by the platform – though of course anyone who wants to fund a project is now welcome. Drip is scheduled to open up to more creatives at the start of 2018.


Photobook: Metropolight by David Gaberle

Five years ago David Gaberle went through “a really rough time” after moving to London. A friend suggested he pick up a camera to help process his experience, and he found that photography “really eases the experience of the sensory overload that comes with living in a big city”. By 2015 he was ready to embark on an ambitious new project inspired by this work, and invested all his savings in travelling to the world’s biggest cities to shoot them. On the move for eight months and changing location every few weeks, he covered over 3600km. “The constant search was the happiest time of my life,” he says. Originally from the Czech Republic, Gaberle studied anthropology back home and has a researcher’s perspective on the modern metropolis. “In the big cities, people spend less time with other people which means they have more time to become different, developing themselves,” he says. “There are more interesting personalities in the cities.” At the same time, though, he finds big cities can be “really dehumanising”, because “they have an effect on how …


Your chance to invest in British Journal of Photography


A note from BJP… Some of you might have seen a few messages on our social media, or received a note from us about crowdfunding and the future of BJP. Don’t worry – it’s good news. We’re very excited to announce that British Journal of Photography are looking to raise at least £150,000 through equity crowdfunding. We’ve grown from a weekly trade journal to an international brand respected across the industry, encompassing magazines, events, digital initiatives and collaborative partnerships. We have ambitious plans for the future and want to better serve our global readership and with additional investment, we’re confident we’ll be able to do so. Crowdfunding has become mainstream recent years, and it’s the perfect way for us to allow our readers to participate in our growth. But this isn’t your average crowdfunding proposal – if you invest in BJP (starting from just £10), you’ll own a piece of the one of the oldest photographic institutions. The global appetite for photography has grown massively in recent years and we’ve grown with it, turning our …


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