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When does photography stop being photography?

What is photography? Over the past few years contemporary photographers have incorporated sculpture, performance, moving image, analogue processes and digital technologies into their practice, stoking a sometimes-heated debate about where exactly the medium begins and ends. But for Catherine Yass, such experimentation is nothing new. In a conversation with BJP and DACS, the not-for-profit artist rights management organisation, Yass explained that she doesn’t, in fact, consider herself a photographer, but an artist who works with photography. Born in 1963, she’s noted for her vivid, glowing photographs shown against light boxes, as well as her films and installations. Her subjects are often vacant urban spaces, construction sites, monuments of the modern industrial age and the people and institutions who commission her. “The way we are positioned by and position ourselves in relation to our surroundings both reflects and affects our state of mind and our sense of ourselves in the world,” she says. “The built environment is a form of communication and an expression of society.” In her Decommissioned (2011) series Yass photographed a car showroom and …


Never surrender: Brian Griffin about his life as a photographer


“I’ve spent a lifetime tidying up the world”, Brian Griffin tells us when we meet him in his home in London in May. Much of his work, often depicting workers and tradesmen, seems meticulously staged, yet honest and full of emotions. Griffin’s work transforms workplaces into stages and his subjects into actors.    As one of Britain’s most influential portrait photographers, he achieved early recognition for his work in the 1970s and 1980s, developing a style which has since been referred to as Capitalist Realism. Griffin tells us that he never felt bothered about photographing the famous and he never felt star struck, even when meeting some of his more glamorous clients. Over the years he photographed anyone from Helen Mirren to Vivienne Westwood, Sebastian Coe to Jonathan Ross. Griffin always wanted to capture real emotions, sometimes turmoil, which one can see in his photographs. To capture this in his models’ expressions he has tried many tricks, like playing the charming amateur photographer or by mischievously goading his subjects. Griffin takes inspiration from fine art, …


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