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Gregory August - Cape Town © Dale Yudelman, from the series Life under Democracy

Dale Yudelman’s Cape Town – Life Under Democracy

A child in thin clothing hangs from the rifle of a public war memorial. Scarred, bare legs end in Winnie the Pooh slippers on dirty concrete. A man in a tattered coat sits at the pavement’s edge, staring up and through the camera. At first glance, Life Under Democracy is typically social-realist; the South African photographer Dale Yudelman showing the souls of men, women and children, some impoverished, some almost, on the streets of his native Cape Town. But don’t be fooled. Yudelman sees his career as an exercise in how photography “is able to escape the bounds of the real”. Life Under Democracy is specific to a place, a time and a culture – a complex and diverse study of an endlessly complex and diverse country. Inspired by an exhibition by Ernest Cole at the National Gallery in Cape Town, which showed life under apartheid, Yudelman decided to create a contrasting sequel; life under democracy, 20 years since the election of Mandela and the African National Congress. It’s a study of how much has changed in …


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