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Hackney At Night

From the hulking corpses of industry to serenely flowing canals to verdant parks, David George’s Hackney By Night captures a timeless, abandoned and eerie urban landscape, unfamiliar even to long-term residents. His photographs are accompanied by a short story by Karen Falconer: cryptic fragments of text that add equal doses of context and mystery. I met David on a rainy winter’s night in the beating heart of Hackney, eager to decipher the thinking behind a most cryptic collection. “Dogs”, he answers. “I have dogs and that means I explore a lot. I discovered that at night Hackney is a different world. What I wanted was to take the reader on a gentle meander through the night, to feel like they’d have a bit of a dream.” These pictures make the urban look bucolic, a vision of the ‘broken pastoral’; landscapes that only exist as a result of industrialisation. What was there before has been destroyed, but what replaces it has its own beauty. “I wanted to emphasise how much water there is in Hackney,” George says. …


BJP Staff