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Britain’s longest serving picture editor is about to retire

It’s five-o’clock in the morning, and Britain’s longest serving picture editor is racing through the empty London streets. David Ofield has already checked the late night picture editor’s log for national and international stories.  On the journey, his chief photographer Jeremy Selwyn has already checked in from his car to go on the story of the day, or go straight to the office. In almost three decades of 5am starts, the quietly spoken, unassuming doyen of Fleet Street’s Photo Editors has pored over multi millions of images. He has covered seven General Elections, seven Olympic Games, seven World Cups. And he has served up thousands of dramatic front page ‘splash’ pictures for seven different editors. Known universally as Dave O, the man who began his newspaper career as a 15-year old messenger at the Sport and General Press Agency has overseen iconic photos from every major news story and disaster around the world. The 9/11 al-Qaeda attacks on the Twin Towers in New York, Princess Diana’s shocking death in Paris and the 7/7 suicide bombers who claimed 52 …


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