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The Stranger’s Notebook – Dawit L. Petros’ Journey Across Africa

Dawit L. Petros was born in Eritrea, East Africa. He is now based in New York City. As such, his work, the gallery says, “explores the relationship between African histories and European ideas of modernism.” The project’s title, The Stranger’s Notebook, encompassing a sprawling journey across Africa, makes reference to the French philosopher Albert Camus’ novel L’Etranger (1942), of how Camus understand and communicated “the experience of outsiderness”. Petros also uses as influence the German sociologist Georg Simmel’s ideas of the ‘paradoxical stranger’. “If wandering is the liberation from every given point in space, and thus the conceptional opposite to fixation at such a point, the sociological form of the “stranger” presents the unity, as it were, of these two characteristics,” Simmel wrote in his seminal essay. But it was Fesseha Giyorgis, an Abyssinian cultural figure widely regarded as the father of Tigrinya literature, but barely known in Western literary circles, who formed the basis of Petros’ artistic and photographic practice. Giyorgis wrote travelogues at the turn of the 20th century.  Petros identifies About the Author’s Journey from Ethiopia to Italy and …


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