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Phil Le Gal – Days of Mercy

“From the moment I looked into my dad’s camera I remember thinking the world looked better in that frame,” says 37-year-old Phil Le Gal of his love for photography. As a teenager growing up in Brittany, he always carried a camera, “practising photography casually”. Then, 11 years ago, he moved to London and enrolled in several short courses at Central Saint Martins before starting a foundation degree focused on professional photography. “I was very interested, but I just couldn’t find my way. I couldn’t see myself doing fashion or food photography.” And that’s when he discovered documentary – “it was my answer to engaging with the world around me” – which led to him documenting aspects of life in Nigeria, China and former Soviet countries. But after working in such remote places, “I became aware of the unintentional, unwanted, almost ‘colonial’ aspect of my work. Going abroad thinking you’ll take more meaningful photographs is a mistake that’s easily made; I knew I wanted to work on a subject about my home, but I had left Brittany …


BJP Staff