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Star Wars Families: The photographers

In advance of the release of Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker, Lucasfilm and British Journal of Photography present Star Wars Families: an immersive photographic and editorial project that sheds light on families who have enjoyed the magic of Star Wars for nearly half a century.  This weekend, the 10 photographers selected for the commission will document the lives of families in 10 countries; Ying Ang in Australia, Carlotta Cardana in Italy, Daniel Chatard in Germany, Josh Adam Jones in the United Arab Emirates, Kovi Konowiecki in the US, Jason Koxvold in India, Piczo in Japan, Camila Svenson in Brazil, Pascal Vossen in South Africa, and Alice Zoo in the UK. Just as the Skywalker story arc echoes through the Star Wars galaxy, so our own family narratives bind us together across generations. Star Wars Families will celebrate the family unit in all its diverse incarnations through a series of images constructing a narrative around the idea of the family portrait. Accompanied by a videographer, the selected photographers will record the personal relationships and stories of …


Humour, intimacy, and sincerity: celebrating family photography

“I had learned that the best way to make meaningful photographs, as a photographer starting out, would be to document what I knew best, what I loved,” says Emma Hardy, describing the beginnings of her photographic career. “Hence my family.” Images of home and family have always been a compelling theme in documentary photography, from Sally Mann’s poetic black-and-white images of her children to Richard Billingham’s pathos-filled portrait of his parents from the series Ray’s a Laugh. There is the seductive sense of a lid being lifted, or a magnifying glass held over a subject as relatable as it is specific; photographs of families, like families themselves, can take so many different forms and provoke so many different emotions. This is the impetus behind British Journal of Photography’s new collaboration with Lucasfilm, Star Wars Families, a new commission that will see 10 photographers each create a narrative family portrait of 10 different families across five continents. The project will explore these families’ unique dynamics through the lens of Star Wars, and the impact that film and …


Star Wars Families: A new commission exploring family across five continents

“It’s about family.” So said Carrie Fisher when describing the power of Star Wars, and that rings true on many levels.  In conceiving the cast of much-loved characters in that galaxy far, far away, and the complex web of relationships between them, Star Wars creator George Lucas had tapped into one of humanity’s most essential and formative preoccupations: family, in all its profound, joyful, and complicated forms. In advance of the release of Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker, Lucasfilm and the British Journal of Photography present Star Wars Families:  an immersive photographic and editorial project that pays homage both to the saga and to the families who have enjoyed its magic for nearly half a century.   Star Wars is generational; for many, it is the movie equivalent of passing down family heirlooms. Star Wars Families will serve as a homage to fans by celebrating the families portrayed through the lens of ten incredible photographic talents on five different continents. These photographers will be commissioned to produce an editorial-style series of images, constructing a …


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